How do you study with so many distractions?


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wow I honestly thought of building a wall to close in the little den I got my computer and books no joke:roflmao:


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The library makes a great place to study. The only trick is to properly schedule yourself around classes, travel time to campus, and any other necessary activities.


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I can handle, and even actually like, music or television in the background when I am studying. But what gets me is the constant interruptions family can bring. That's when I dream of the brick wall, lol. It's one thing when it's something REALLY important. But it almost never is. My DD is great at "visiting" me when I am studying and deciding it's a great time to talk about the color of her sneakers. Love that kid, but geesh...

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Oh this a grate idea, I wish I thought of it in semester one. :roflmao:

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I hide out at my best friend's house to study. Her kids have both moved out, no animals barking or meowing, she's single...we get to catch up and study...we have a time frame that she quizzes me, asks me questions etc...then we take a break...and chat away and catch up for a little while, then back to studying....then break for dinner..back to studying. Works great for me, I get away from the distractions at home (2 kids, 2 cats, 2 dogs and a hubby) AND I get to hang out with my bestie.


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This is really cute. I just finished up turning a spare bedroom into my study space today. I felt like this is what I was doing! Now I just need to add a better lock to the door!

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Personally, I don't feel that building a wall in the study area is necessary. Instead, I simply remove myself from the area. I also get a lot of my studying done at work. What's nice about getting some studying done at work is that with an attention span that is shorter than a gnat's, I get a couple of minutes of studying followed by a very short break and a couple of minutes studying then a very short break... it's actually very productive.

While I'm at home, I take breaks about every 45 minutes. This allows me enough time to take care of whatever I need or whatever my family needs during that short period of time that I'm available, which is about 15 minutes. I made sure that my family knows that is my schedule, while I am studying I am not to be bothered unless it is an emergency where someone's bleeding, there are some broken bone, or someone is actually dying. Anything less than that, they already know how to handle it…

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My strategy in nursing school was taking my ipod and books to the school library or computer lab. At home I'm way too tempted by video games and sleeping.


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For a while I was placing a science board on the table and this would be my family's cue that I was unavailable. That did not work for more than a few weeks :rolleyes: I have since started planning my sleep schedule so that I go to bed early so that I can wake up early. The morning hours at my house are some of the best times for me to study.

You can also try to study during your breaks in classes rather than going on your phone and checking your Facebook :D Also try going to the local library. If you have kiddos, a fast food place with a playground is a good alternative to being at home. It gives the kids something to occupy their time rather than bugging you!