How soon to start my first job after graduation?

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12 hours ago, Beerman said:

40 years ago.  Things may not be the same.





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The vacation I took after graduation was the best I’ve ever had. The absolute relief of knowing I DID IT was amazing. That being said, not everyone has the good fortune, and you’ll survive either way. Vacations will come. I agree with the other posters who said don’t overthink the NCLEX— you already learned all the material in school. Ask for a later start date, and if they say no, just buckle down and start when they suggested. (And congrats on the offer!)

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 You have many responsibilities with family,once you start you can not call in sick,or use sick child benefits, or get vacation during Summer , only  a holiday  maybe like thanksgiving or Christmas (but must work new Years) you are low man as far as seniority is concerned.

You want to take your test clear headed not stressed because of "something" happened at work.

Think carefully, will come and go...