How to Pay for Tuberculosis and Hep B Vaccinations


Hi all,

I'm in the process of registering for a CNA program. The state requires that I have tuberculosis and Hep. B vaccinations. I'm unemployed and have no insurance. How do I go about getting them. Also, are they expensive?

Thank you.

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to my knowledge there is no vac for TB, what you need is a test to see if you have been exposed. Try your county health dept.

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You will have to have insurance by 3/31, so that will be no excuse. Get started now; call your state health connector, the federal health connector, or a local independent insurance agent to get coverage.


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Call your local Health Department like morte stated. Depending on your Health Department, they may be heavily reduced or free. I used to be the community health nurse for my local HD and we would have periods of free Hep B immunizations for first responders and medical affiliated students which were sponsored by certain state funds. Good Luck.


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I got my TB test at a local hospital for $10 each (needed 2 negatives). The health dept told me that they only do testing for exposures. The health dept also would not do my hep B for free. I paid $45 for each of the 3 in the series. I did get TDaP and MMR free through the health dept. Call around and see what's available in your area.

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If you volunteer at a hospital/nursing home they are required to do the TB (also known as PPD skin test) test usually at no cost to you. Even if you commit to volunteering a few hours a week, it will look great on your resume too.

Hep B vaccinations are not required but strongly recommended. Once you start working in a facility, they will provide it for free.


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Thanks, I've already looked into it.