How does your nursing unit do scheduling?

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We are considering changing how we are doing the schedule on our Med/Surg unit, I was just wondering how other units do their scheduling. Do you rotate weekends? right now we are fixed schedules, but the weekends are always a problem to fill! Any input is appreciated!


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We self schedule; although we just changed to a mixed-unit (8s and 12s) and I have a feeling it is going to be heck trying to schedule and might have to be assigned schedules. We are required to work 6 weekend days/nights in a six week period.

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We rotate q third weekend. Thats the only thing thats fixed. The weekdays are up for grabs and filled out by self scheduling, we have to stay within our shift though. The manager changes it as needed to fill the numbers.

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We do self scheduleing, and have requirements for the amount of weekends worked.

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We self suggest and mostly get what we want. We are required to work every third weekend which sucks for those of us divorced with kids. I would love fixed schedules. Do you offer weekend positions with weekend differentials? The Baylor (spelling?) shift is a great way to get your weekends covered.

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We self schedule. For weekends, we have to sign up for 2 fridays, 3 weekend days (sat, sun) and 2 mondays per 4 weeks of time. Then our schedulers plug it in and rotate people off. They keep track of who they have rotated off those days so that no one is always stuck working a lot more. There are some of us that just prefer to work weekends, so they love that!

I have worked in hospitals that mandate every other weekend. Work it, get yours covered yourself, or choose another job was the motto...and that was when there was still a shortage with bonus sign on pay. Currently I work for a place that has RN's assigned to ALL weekends. Holiday or not, if it is a weekend, it is yours. Period. We get 8 weekends a year off. For committing to that, we get an extra $10 an hour, plus weekend differential. The other staff nurses are plugged there as needed if they don't volunteer.

in my facility one area does a total set schedule. In the med-surg, cicu units the manager does the schedule or a designated staff person with final approval of the manager. Staff are allowed to request off days and these are given as possible with the first submitted request down unless it is for vacation submitted before jan 31 then most senior gets the time. Hoildays are set and rotated on one unit the other two units don't have set ones but if you worked last year and want off this year you would be the first to get it off. you can only be scheduled 3 out of our 6 holidays and one has to be a winter holiday. Weekends are usually every other but no more than 2 per a 4 week schedule.This is how scheduling is done for noc and day shift nursing.

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We have set schedules and a central scheduling office that takes care of covering call ins and any holes in the schedule.

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At my hospital we self schedule we have nurses who agree to only work weekends (called the weekend shift). They work two weekend days, but get the benefits of full time. The remaining nurses who do NOT work weekends work 3 week days, but NEVER work weekends. We self schedule Mon thru Fri, and they try to give us what we requested, but sometimes it doesn't work out. For Holidays if it falls on the weekend then the weekend staff works it. If the holiday falls during the week then the week staff works it. We have a holiday wish list where we list the holidays that are most important to us (we can choose three), and they do their best to give us our first choice off if possible. We can also choose 2 days a month that we blackout, but you CANNOT blackout a holiday. On your two blackout days they will never schedule you so you are free to schedule appts etc. If you don't self schedule then they just put you on the schedule where they need you. There are several people who just let them do it.

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We fill out a "wish list" prior to scheduling and then the manager makes the scheduling sometimes giving you close to what you request and others not.

The weekends are a shamble. I used to work every other weekend which I (and my paycheck) liked and now I work every 3rd weekend but that is supposed to change.

We have so called Baylor and self scheduleing. However mostly there is one particular nurse that does the schedule for our unit that favors her lifestyle. (which is very unfair & most of my co-workers are cowards & let her get away with it.) I request my days and usually get it or else the union gets involve. As long as it is resonable time request , we should get what we want. My opionion:)

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