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How is Nursing school going for you??


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I wanted to post a thread for all the nursing students out there to talk about their first day of nursing school and for those that are in school right now to talk about how it is going so far. I can speak for others in saying it really helps to hear about how other school is going for those who are in it right now. Have fun and tell us about any exciting things that have happend so far. :D

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Well, I started nursing school for the LPN program Last year in August. I passed the first semester with flying colors !

Feb. 2, 09 I start the final and last semester. I'm kind of nervous, but I'm also going to be optimistic about it.

So far I would say I love nursing and nursing school. Its working fulltime while in nursing school thats killing me. However, Gods will I'll graduate in July as a LPN, and I also plan on becoming a RN shortly after.

Good luck with school, its really not that bad: okay, sometimes, but you will do fine.


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Thank you!!

Come on, where is everyone else at to talk about their first day, i'm sure there are plenty of you out there :wink2:

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This topic has been discussed a trillion times in this forum. I just got too much time on my hands so I tend to respond to the same topic over and over and over again.

Anyway, you're welcome ! Let me know if you need to know anything else.

Well today was my first day back (second semester LPN prgrm). This semester is going to be tough we have so much more clinical paperwork and med profiles to do versus last semester! I'm stressing out. Last semester went well, all As and Bs, and this semester seems it's going to be more exhausting so I better get started early...especially doing the single mother thing as a full time student can make it all the more difficult..sorry for rambling...I'm just overstimulated for all the work ahead...hope everyone does well. Study hard!!!:)

It's going good so far, had my first exam in med-surg and did well, although it seriously requires a lot of studying. I recommend studying EVERY single night if you can. that way the night before the test, you will be relaxed and feel confident rather than craming all the info into one night. DON'T DO THAT!!!! ...if you just study your stuff, you'll do fine. I love nursing!


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I started March 2008

We just started our final trimester and god willing graduate April 30th

It has been a roller coaster ups downs.

We just have Care of the individal II

Which contains


Muscle skel.

Nervous system



Spec. Sen. Eyes,ears

Nursing in Com.


Those are the last three subjects then we have 2 big NLN tests

NLN-Comp & NLN Pharm comp

Good luck everyone


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Thanks everyone for your responses!!!

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well i am in my last and final semester of school. I am so ready for it to be OVER.


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I am currently in the core part of the program, my instructor is a very nice sweet lady she has 30 years experience as a nurse. My problem is, or shall I say the whole classes problem is, that she tells us to read a chapter and go over key material that we need to focus on and then we get a test it is nothing that we went over. It is sabotage I tell you, pure sabotage. I really think she is trying to discourage us. We are seriously considering, the whole class that is , starting a petition. I would hate to think that this is a known practice of the school, cause I know we are not the only class complaining about this instructor.

as far as the instructor not giving you the right study material, you can either self study your way thru or you can complain to the director, your paying alot of money for this program.

also, and this is my own personal advice, theres something about when adults enter a classroom enviorment they regress back to teenagers. it will blow your mind, and the best way to deal with all the gossip and backstabbing, is stay out of it and stay to yourself. always be pleasant and polite, but your there to get your education and go on with your life. not make friends. trust me. stay out of the drama. keep your head down, get thru it and go on with life.


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I LOVE nursing school! I am in my second semester now, and will be done June 25th. I have a lot on my plate now, three kids, a husband, I'm pregnant with #4, I work part-time and go to school full-time, but I am doing well. I made A's last semester, and am makeing a B+ so far this semester, so I am excited about that. I just know that this is what I was meant to do! We are working on disorders of the different body systems now, so it's harder than Fundamentals, but with some dedication, it's doable!!!



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i just finished my psyc rotation and LOVED the experience! Graduation is set for july 23rd.......YAHOO!!!!


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Started August 08 will graduate August 09... M-F 8-3:30 Clinical days 1-9pm

My emotional state so far..... lol

We had our capping ceremony about 3 wks ago, which marked our 1/2 way point. So for the first half I was 3rd in the class :yeah:. But I must say I put alot of effort into it.

I am fortunate that the BF is willing to support me for duration. Therefore, I don't have to work. However, $$ is pretty tight, and I do fill pretty guilty at times for not at least trying to work part time.

I am also fortunate that my daughter is 17 and a Sr. in HS, who has a job, so she is pretty self sufficient, and doesn't ask for cash for movies, clothes or eating out etc. On the down side, it is her Sr. year and her last year with me at home, and I am pretty much missing out on it....

They both pretty much take care of everything around the house, and all I really have to do is the laundry on Sundays, My dryer is broken and so I just go the the laundry mat and do it all in 2 hours, come home put it away and we are good for the week. I am happy, they are happy so its all good!

That being said, I have discovered that NS has pretty much consumed my life, I go to school and come home and study, eat, study more, and go to bed..... get up the next morning shower and do it all over again, the only thing that changes is the Chapters that I study....

I have totally given up everything else in my life without even realizing it, if we are on break, I don't know what to do with myself, everyone I know works. If we are cancelled for a snowday..... I am ****** and bored and just feel sort of lost, so I end staying in bed all day reading nclex questions.... Im not sure if this is the norm or even if it is healthy.:bugeyes:

As far as school at this point, we are pretty much doing individual classes and clinical rotations now, Like Jan was geriatrics, and we spent the whole month at NH doing clinicals, Feb half of our class will be in Peds, the other half will be in OB then we will flip in March.

So the load is much lighter and not nearly as stressful, as in we are not taking 7 or 8 test per week, its down to maybe 3 LOL. (WOW did you ever think 3 test per week was a light load.)

All in all, I am very happy that I decided to go to NS, and I have already had job offers for when I graduate, so just gotta get thru the next 6 months. We have a week off the end of March, and 2 weeks off in the summer, then graduation, then go to work and get a real life!

Congrats and Good luck to everyone

We are almost there



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thank you so much for sharing your experience, sounds like you are doing great and have a lot of dedication to the program. my boyfriend is very supportive as well but he is going to make me work on the weekends (doubles everyday, i'm a server/bartender), which i understand, he can support me but we would be tight with money every month. this way we have a little extra spending money. but i am not going to work monday-thursday, so that should give me plenty of time to study. but he knows for the next year i will be devoting my life to school and he is completely ok with that, he wants me to follow my dream, and i love him for that. :redbeathe (we've been together 5 yrs, so this nxt yr will fly by and it'll be 6 before i knw it ;) )


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I gave up bartending for NS.... LOL........ I really really miss the $$........ But hope I never have to make another drink in my life....... I did that for almost 20 years.. LOL

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