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SynCardia has 9 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. SynCardia

    My journey with a criminal history

    Hey everbody... long time no see. I just received a letter from the board saying i can receive my license. It only took 1 week after i got my results from the board saying I pased my NCLEX. Now here comes the next phase. Landing a job. Im looking into expunging my record and asking the government for a pardon. I will be checking with a lawyer to see what my options are. I will keep you guys posted. I cant wait until this is all over.....
  2. SynCardia

    My journey with a criminal history

    If you reading this post most likely you have a criminal history. Well if you would like to join me on my journey of getting licensed and a job with a criminal history then read along. I'm posting this so others can have hope too. I know first hand how it feels to sweat bullets when see that little box on applications asking: Do you have a criminal history? My journey is in progress. I already finished nursing school. I spoke with the director of the program before I started. She let me know depending on the nature of the crime would determine if i could complete the program.... I have one misdemeanor that was 5 years old by time I started the program. I did the back ground check and she said it was ok to start the program. Oh and just in case this helps when I did the CNA program they approved me to start the program even with a criminal history. That is what gave me hope to start the nursing program. Anyway I won all the awards I could while in school. Because I have a criminal history I want to show future employers what a changed and a more focused person I have become since the time of my conviction. I feel like I need to have more in my corner when i go for a job because I do have a misdemeanor. Anyway I have finished nursing school. To sit before the state exam I had to send off my court papers about my conviction. They have approved to sit and take my exam. Now for my licence they just sent me a letter saying they want the official police report and a letter from my point of view of the events that happened. So this is were I stand right now. All my hard work waiting on this approval. I am totally optimistic. I feel like will get approved. There is no doubt in my mind. If you think negative then that's what your outcome will be. I will keep you guys updated "when" I get my license and how it was landing a job. One more thing nobody on this message board can answer if your criminal history will eliminate from getting your license and practicing as a nurse. The state board are the only people who will decide... "call" the board talk to them.....they know people make mistakes.... And be honest.. anyway ....wish me luck and I will keep you guys updated.......:wink2:
  3. SynCardia

    micro or physioolgy in the summer

    yea i was leaning towards physiology. after almost completeing this lvn program i figured i could study ANYTHING. I think ill give my brain a rest and take micro in the fall......... thanks
  4. SynCardia

    micro or physioolgy in the summer

    I will be finished with my lvn program in may and was thinking about taking micro or physiology in the summer and then the other one in the fall. If any have tooken either one in the summer please share your experience.
  5. I took 5 classes plus clinicals. But some of the classes ended in a few weeks while others took the whole semester. Check to see how many weeks some of the classes are and talk to your adviser
  6. SynCardia

    Any good advice fellow students?

    The best advice I can give you is between work and the baby make sure you use your free time wisley. I take my books with me EVERYWERE. I study at my prenantal visits hair appts etc..
  7. SynCardia

    I Finally Start Tomorrow

    Good luck. It will be a long but rewarding journey.:)
  8. SynCardia

    Any expectant mothers in school?

    Ive pretty much been pregnant almost my whole program. The other girls that gave birth in our program have dropped out.if i were you I would defintely try to plan the birth after you graduate because I give birth a few months before i graduate and i have other children and i dont know how im going to juggle everything. Good luck with your decsion making.
  9. SynCardia

    possibly moving to houston area

    can i please get a reply it would be very helpful
  10. SynCardia

    possibly moving to houston area

    hello everybody im really thinking about finishing my lpn-rn in the houston texas area. I would be moving from california. Are the programs as impacted as california. I lived in houston and waller county for a year so im kind of familer with the area. I dont mind traviling outside of houston for ns school. not really looking for a bachelor degree just get looking for a community college. Can you guys give me an ideal of what the waiting list are like or any info for that matter i sure would appreaciate it. Right now i have two kids oldest is 4 and one on the way do you think it would be possible for me to work and finish school? this would be a really big move for me so good advice would be appriciated. -----thank you;)
  11. SynCardia

    OMG I may have a nervous breakdown...

    whoneedsashotsaid? that was a perfect post.:bowingpur My school is the opposite of the original poster. The students come late all the time. Have cellphones going off. Texting in class my Lvn program is a joke. We are in our last semester and some students can't even take a B/P let alone know what b/P is they dont even know the blood flow of the heart. I would only let 2 students out of my whole class take care of me or my loved ones. I can see why schools are tough you are dealing with peolpes lives but my school doesnt seem to understand. All they understand is $$$$$
  12. SynCardia

    Student nurse with the baby itch. Help!

    Me and my hubby decided to have another baby while I was in second semester. we wanted our kids close in age. But this is my thrid child so i knda know what to expect. If its your first I defintly would wait. The morning sickness and the pregnancy pains for me got easier as I had each child. Whatever you decide good look.
  13. I hope this helps but Feel blessed your mother can help you and stop feeling bad about it. I know its easier said than done but i would feel the same way when i ask somebody for help. It took me 2 semesters to start just being thankful for peolpe helping me instead of feeling like im burdening them. I'm in my last semester and i could never and still dont have a system down on paying bills on time playing with the kids and just trying to be a mother and wife hell im 7 months pregnant and hardly been to any of my prenatal appt. school has consumed my life too. i know excatly how you feel just keep focused and there is light at the end of the tunnel. When you get down and overwelmed look at your babies a new house a new car what ever motivates and say i can and will do it. Dont let negative thoughts consume you cause it will spill over in your preformance at school. good luck
  14. SynCardia

    Homework/Study time

    I dont work but i have 3 children. I study right after school for as many hours as i can before i pick my kids up then I study for at leaast 6-8hrs on saturdy and sunday to review for the test i have comming up the following week. I gave up excerising in the first semester it made me to sleepy to study.
  15. SynCardia

    How is Nursing school going for you??

    well i am in my last and final semester of school. I am so ready for it to be OVER.
  16. SynCardia

    How do you prefer to take notes...???

    First get the feel for the teacher and that should help you decide on how to take notes. One teacher i used my voice recoder because his test were based off his lecture the other teacher i had i just wrote a few notes an read the book because her test were based off the book. HTH