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  1. SPNbabe08

    Please??? I need effective study tips!

    hi, i think i can help you. have 3 ring binder for each class. 3' for A and P, 4" for fundamentals, and 1" for each of your smaller classes. have s sturdy bag. luggage quality is good. you need to focus on understanding concepts rather than memorization. when you get home from class, review the material you covered in class that day. then preview the next day;s material. stay organized and put the time in. youll probably need a 4 to 5 hour block everynight to do this. especially since classes are 5 days a week until you get to clinicals. if your books, esp a&p comes with a workbook, use it, every day with that chapters your studying. pm me when you get to clinical i can show you how to organize yourself there. if you put the time in, you'll do fine. just keep pluggin away at it, and it will click, i promise.
  2. SPNbabe08

    How do you balance work and school.

    i worked 20 hrs a week to pay for our health ins while i was in school. and that was very difficult. you have to figure youll have 3 hrs of studying a night. i was in a 10 month full time program. if money is an issue, borrow more on your loan to help with living expenses.
  3. i would report it when you go thru the licensing process. which means you;ll be delayed getting your license while they review your situation. but you wont be denied. i am in this exact situation. i have a driving on a sus lic conviction. when i graduated, i ntfd my state BON that i had a record. i am in the review period right now. or will be whenever my CORI comes back. it will only delay your licensure, not prevent it. relax. go to school, and when you graduate, your teachers will let you know exactly what you need to do.
  4. SPNbabe08

    How many of you are going to a vocational school?

    you'll never have the money and it will never be convenient
  5. SPNbabe08

    How many of you are going to a vocational school?

    oh hun, i know exactly how you feel. DH and I have been married 3 years in november. we've been trying to have kids since we got married. i just graduated in june from LPN school.(most LPN programs are thru vocational schools.) to date i am still not pregnant, and am facing either giving up or infertility treatments(which i dont want to do.) you dont have to choose, one has to be delayed. and the logical decision is to go to school. the emotional decision is to keep trying for baby. i went to school. i didnt go back on the pill, we used rhythm method and charting(if you need to learn this i can help.) just be careful about sex during school. you need to keep busy or your going to go nuts over the infertility if you dont distract yourself. and getting your education and a great career is the way to do it. think of how little you;ll have to work and you ll be able to be there to raise your kids. it will be tough, especially during maternity. keep your head up, cry if you have to, and get thru. youll be sooo happy you did it. pm me anytime if you want to talk. ive been thru this and would love to help you.
  6. SPNbabe08

    Failure to disclose....

    be grateful that you only have to pay a fine. in mass if you fail to disclose a conviction, you get a 5 year lock-out. so pay the fine and be on your way. im being held up by a driving on a sus lic. but better a 2 month delay than a 5 year delay
  7. SPNbabe08

    lpn pre entrance exam

    you can buy study guides for the LPN entrance exam. ATI has their own and its great, otherwise buy the book and put an hour or two into it every night and take it again.
  8. SPNbabe08

    My journey with a criminal history

    I too have a criminal history,. traffic offenses only(driving on a sus lic). i graduated in june and i have yet to test. Im in massachusetts, and they are 1 month behind on their CORI's, so that wont be processed until 8/6 then i go into a 2 to 8 week window, while mass decides if im of good moral character. in the mean time, ive lost my job as a nurse at my facility, they wont hold the position, so after 10k dollars and 10 mos of my life im back to CNA work. believe me, i fully understand your frustration. I am living it, i cant even talk to people who i know have passed from my class, it's killing me. Im pretty sure ill be allowed to test and get my license. but the waiting is sooooo frustrating. all that work for right now anyway, nothing. can i just sleep until sept when i can take the test?
  9. SPNbabe08

    Fat Lpn Student

    personally, if it were me, and i am a raging ***** lately. i would document every incidence of prejudice or mistreatment by your instructor and go talk to the director of the program. weight discrimination should not be tolerated. and why should you have to work harder to change a teachers prejudice. if the director of the program doesnt change the situation you could either go to the press. (every lpn program director has nightmares about bad press.) or you could sue.
  10. SPNbabe08

    Discouraged New Grad In AZ

    i would keep trying at the nursing homes. long term care is great for experience. keep calling them. and be willing to take overnights.
  11. SPNbabe08

    Med error!!!!

    eeek! thats aweful. and they rate med errors according to their effect or adverse effect on the patient. this is why everyday my teacher tells us that you can never ever be to careful during a med pass
  12. SPNbabe08

    pay rates

    cna's in my area get 11 an hour
  13. SPNbabe08

    First Clinical, any advice?

    hi, im in my second med surg clinical rotation, and here's whats been really helpful for me. get to the clinical site 15 min early.get your papers and supplies together, so you can hit the floor on time and prepared. i keep a memo sized 3 ring binder that has my drug cards and lab values cheat sheets. and in the front pocket i always have a journal entry page, my head to toe assessment form and a care plan. i keep 2 pens on my id badge, stethescope( invest in a littman, there is so much backround noise. youll need it.) i always keep my left pocket full of gloves. you can never have too many gloves in your pocket. youll need them. now for the advice. be proactive, really read your patients chart. diagnosis, medications and recent labs. get the big picture. in LTC the nurses know these patients. so there not going to tell youmuch during report, just the pertinent issue. its up to you to find out the rest. there will be alot of students who will stand around jaw jacking, you are not in clinical to socialize or play BS popularity games, its about you getting your education and becoming the best nurse you can be.
  14. SPNbabe08

    Why did it have to happen!!

    This is how life is. i no sooner utter the word save and my car breaks down. when it rains it pours, you really just have to buckle down and minimize your life and expenses, i mean drastically, rent a room and buy a crap car. do what you have to do. ive been in school since august and in that time DH has had a heart attack and his job doesnt have much overtime, but weve managed, even with a mortgage and carpayment. it can be done.
  15. no, LPN's are not a joke, they are being phased out of hospitals becuase of their limitations. however, LTC is a huge opportunity for LPN's. you will learn sooo much while you are going back to get your RN. besides, with the economy the way it is, and the shortage of nurses will only worsen, i think that LPN's will be more cost effective for facilities.
  16. SPNbabe08

    Myclassmate is SO irritating!! Ugh!

    sometimes its really hard to get the instructors to quiet someone, that usually gets handled amongst the students. i would pull the teacher in the office and have a private conversation. just to let them know that you need to move your seat and why, most schools have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to cheating and if he asked you a question during an exam when the teacher left the room, you have witnesses. get away from him, those kinds of people are toxic!!!!!!!!!!!!!