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How nervous were you when you took the NCLEX?


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Lennonninja, MSN, APRN, NP

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I took my pulse right before I hit submit on question 75, it was over 160bpm. Luckily I only got 75 questions, otherwise my heart might have exploded.

tothepointeLVN, LVN

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I thought I would be more nervous but I wasn't I was just worried that I didin't have enough forms of id on me ( I had 3 ) I did freak a few cotest takers out though as I was in and out in 45 mins. Even the test person though I just wanted to go to the loo when I held up my hand. I called and freaked on of my friends out because they thought me calling at that time meant I'd slept in.

Oh yeah and I passed

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has panic attacks just when opening up a book to STUDY! :) I hope I get the same results you did....

I developed an urge incontinence an hour before my exam. Glad it was temporary. Just can't help it.

I agree, those earplugs were more of a nuisance than for their purpose. I chewed them while answering (lol).

Right before my exam... I wanted to pee, then barf, then pass out - Anxiety was that bad, but I survived and passed in 75 questions.


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I was ill before the test and shaking uncontrollably afterward, even though I was pretty sure I had done ok :)

I'll be the nervous, anxious, and excited one. No, no sweats.

Graduated almost 6 months ago and STILL havent taken the NCLEX because of fear and anxiety!! I know, I know, the longer you wait, etc... I am just like the others here who break out in a sweat and the heart starts beating fast when I open a book to study! Its funny, I never did have a problem with tests in school, its just this MAJOR do or die test thats got me all in a tizzy. Everyone keeps telling me, well, if you fail, just take the darn thing again. I can say that, but I dont want to fail! Guess Ill never know unless I take it huh? I should just get over it and find out for myself if the whole NCLEX thing is hyped or what.

This is so accurate! After my nclex I had to take a shower ASAP! hahha