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  1. What is your GPA?

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What are your GPAs?


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I have not started clinical yet, my GPA is 3.88 so far. I know clinicals are harder. Planning to cut down on working hours next year to gain more reading time.



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I would love to get at least 3.9 on my GPA and I know I have to work very hard to reach that but I am planning to have a group study. Well guys the time is drawing nigh and we just have to have our minds made up to work very hard.

Good Luck!!


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At this point and time I have only had 3 classes, and I have A's in all of them. I don't expect to keep that average, although it would be nice. I don't want to put undue pressure upon myself to keep a 4 point though....for the nursing program I need a 2.5. I would like to stay above 3.o though.............

3.4, thanks to a "C" I got in my economics class a few semesters back. The kicker is that I don't even need economics for my degree!


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3.50 so far.

Carried 17 credits this semester (summer) and no longer have a butt (worked it off studying! LOL!)

Carrying 18 in the fall, but it's got to be easier having almost 16 weeks to do it in!! Only had 6 for each summer session (had A&P I and II, along with other core req's).

Good luck to all!!:D


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OMG!!! 17 credit hours for SUMMER??? You are my new hero. We are not able to take that many courses for summer classes and i dont think i would still be alive trying to juggle that course load. Especially in an 8 week semester. And you had to do it all in 6 weeks. With that many courses per semester, are you going to be graduating early? Congratulations on keeping your grades up with all those classes.

I have only taken one class(A&P I) but i dont know how GPA's work. We have to get a 78% to pass and i got a 99% in that class so i guess i would be at a 4.0 right now. I hope to be able to keep a 3.5 average till i graduate. I can't wait til fall semester starts.


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OK I am a *huge* nerd. People tell me that all the time. I have a 4.0 gpa right now, with 30 credits completed. I have 40 more credits before I will graduate with an ADN. I would love to be able to keep that GPA, but I don't know how difficult the actual nursing part of it is going to be. I need at least a 3.2 to maintain my scholarship.

I plan to work my butt off, keeping my grades as high as humanly possible.... :p

Take care,


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I have a 3.96- ny nsg. is a 4.0, I got a B in a general ed. history class! How dumb is that?

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