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Hey all, New to this site.

I have a general question to ask, I'm not trying to get too personal, BUT. (there's always a but)

I'm 28 I've been a RN for about 2 years, been working in the ER for about a year, in your average small-town USA hospital, The closest trauma center to us is about 3 hours away. Anyway, I want to leave here, and go back to city life. I moved back home after school to get my feet wet, bank some money, and pay down my student loans, now its time to move on.

I have a Bachelors (BSN) from a very good college, I have 2 years experience, I need to get out of this one horse town before I scream. I guess my question is How much does an RN make in a good "city" hospital?

I realize that it varies by location, given cost of living and such, but I have seen SO many extremes. On certain sites I've seen anywhere from $18 to $50 an hour!? To narrow this a bit, I am wanting to re-locate to the southwest, Ideally the Phoenix or Tucson area(s). I presently am in northern maine, and after our record breaking 300 inches of snow this year, I'm about spent. lol

Keep in mind I only have 2 years exp.

Let me know what you think?

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With 2 years experience, you'd earn about $27 hourly in Phoenix (plus or minus a couple of dollars).


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just out of curiosity, do u work at TAMC or CARY.

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With 2 years experience, you'd earn about $27 hourly in Phoenix (plus or minus a couple of dollars).

If......she could even find a job in Phoenix!


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CARY ... I live by Loring AFB, I can smack canada with a rock from my bedroom window. lol


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I work at TAMC. Moved to Presque Isle from Worcester coz i could not find any job over there. I am already nervous abt the winter becos i have never really experience winter (lived in worcester for only 3 month, b4 that Texas and California).


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I went to school in Worcester. Too funny, talk about 6 degrees of separation. First winter here???? eesh ... My only advice is, buy a black car, that way you can find it in the snow.


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I live in michigan and have almost 4 years experience and make only 27 bucks an hour. I didn't get a raise this past year because of the economy taking a big dump but I did get a bonus.


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@ Kerric511: :roll


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Reading posts very interesting considering your all local to me I live in fitchburg about 20 min from worcester. I just graduated from nursing with a Rn about to sit for my boards. I'm concerned I won't be able to find a job in Mass. Even the nursing homes aren't hiring.. So... How Cold is Maine... LOL.


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I read that the 'average' income for nurses is $62,000 a year. WHERE did these people come up with this figure- California or the New England states?? I know of NOBODY who earns that much- the hospitals here whine that 'they are competitive'- average salary here is $35,000-40,000/year. Lately I am hearing that there are no jobs for nurses- yet the media says there is a shortage in the whole of United States.


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I'm in southern New Hampshire, and the snow here is bad enough, i can't imagine going up to Maine! I've had to dig out down here enough. The averages might be thrown off around here, i'm a new grad LPN and my nursing home started me at 47,000 per year.:up: I have a love/hate relationship with this state. :twocents:

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