How much free water/fluid do you count 1/2 cup applesauce as?


I am counting it as 60 but some are telling me 90 or even 120.


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ours are 4oz...1oz h20=30ml


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It isn't 120 ml of water. There are solids in it that do not count...just cannot recall how much solid vs liquid is in there!


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In my schooling, we've always counted things like applesauce and jello as full liquids, so my answer would be 4 ounces as well.

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I wouldn't count apple sauce as "free" water or fluid. "Free water/fluid" refers to just plain water/fluid without any solids in it. The key word is "Free".

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how much water would you count an apple for?? none, right? then the applesauce is also, if it is labeled "water added"......but ordinarily it wouldnt be counted.....pudding, jello, sherbert, popsicles, ice cream, they all count though...


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I wouldn't count it as a liquid at all... its not something that would be included even in a full liquid diet... you'd see it as a component of a pureed diet or possibly mechanical soft.


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I was taught, anything that melts at room temperature can be counted as a liquid.


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We count it as 4 oz or 30 ml. at our facility.

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Applesauce does not count as free water at my facility.


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Finally found my book that this is in!

It gives a person 50-75% of its total weight as free water, if there is no sodium added. The other 25-50% is solids. Obviously depends quite a bit on how much water is used in preparation!


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Zero. Apple sauce is considered a food not a liquid.