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  1. beachbum3

    VA nurses

    Hello! I am in a RN to BSN program and am working on a community assessment. I decided to do the veteran community as my topic, as my fiance is a veteran and his brother is active duty now. I need to interview a nurse working in the field, and wondered if anyone would be interested. Just a few short questions, won't take too much time. If anyone is interested please let me know, or if you have any tips on how to get in touch with someone at one of the area VA hospitals that would be great! I would need specific info about where the nurse works and background to include in the paper, but I don't necessarily have to include the name of the nurse. Thanks, Kristen
  2. Hello! I've been a nurse for about 2 years, working agency for the last year locally in the Chicago area. All of my family is in Florida, I was born and raised there. I have kids that are in school, but they go to their Dad's for the summers, wondered if there is any possibility of being able to get a travel assignment in Florida for the summer. I don't know if this is how it works or not. I'd like to go down there, work the summer, then come back here for the school year with my kids. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. beachbum3

    How can I assist a nurse under stress?

    Offer help, praise, credit where credit is due. And mostly lots and lots of humor.
  4. beachbum3

    How much free water/fluid do you count 1/2 cup applesauce as?

    I wouldn't count it as a liquid at all... its not something that would be included even in a full liquid diet... you'd see it as a component of a pureed diet or possibly mechanical soft.
  5. Tomorrow I start on nights. My theory tonight was to stay up as late as I can and then sleep as late as I can tomorrow... what do you usually do when you are going to work (nights) the next day after days off? (Assuming on your days off you flip your sleep schedule)
  6. beachbum3

    MRSA isolation

    I have a question: My feeling on the subject is that unless someone is MRSA + in the sputum the gown is somewhat of overkill. In other words for a pt with say, MRSA to a wound, well, unless I'm touching the wound or its draining like crazy, I wouldn't contract it.. so I'd be perfectly safe to go into a room and take a blood pressure (the pt I'm thinking of had a small lower leg wound that the culture came back +) or check an IV pump, answer a call light etc. Unless I came in direct contact with the wound, or wound drainage I wouldn't be at risk. Am I correct?
  7. beachbum3


    See, thats what I always thought, and yet on my unit the techs seem to get the pt completely naked and exposed. It bugs the crap out of me every time I see it happening, but I'm still on orientation and don't know what to say/do/think about it. No one else seems to give it a second thought that I know of. There are multiple issues that I've noticed with the techs on my unit. This one is the most frequent, that I've seen thus far. So what do I do? I feel like I'm so new that its not really my place to say anything. Maybe if I go to the director and ask her if she knows about these things? I just don't know.
  8. beachbum3


    A question: How are pts given baths on your unit? Do the techs get the pt completely uncovered/dressed and give a bath while they are completely naked on the bed or leave parts that aren't being cleaned covered? I always thought to leave pts covered as much as possible, but wondered what the reality is on other units.
  9. beachbum3

    How does one become charge?

    I'm a new nurse, but was wondering, how does one become charge or team leader?
  10. beachbum3

    Survey for my Sociology Paper!

    i work nights, so with out shift diff it would be about 46k
  11. beachbum3

    Nurses showing up late for work.

    I myself have to fight against being late, I tend to try to fit too many things into too little time and am always feeling "against the clock". I get to work ontime, but just on time- usually clocking in at 0458, 0459, or 500 on the dot. However, the only thing I do after clocking in is throw my purse in my locker, and grab my clipboard and immediately try to find who is giving me report. I feel kind of bad sometimes for not being early, and have begun getting up 10-15 minutes earlier. I know how I feel at the end of my shift- I'm exhausted and can't wait to get the heck out of there, so I try to make sure I'm not holding anyone else up.
  12. beachbum3

    My pockets are overflowing!

    We use ships that have lockable drawers in them, so I keep a bunch of flushes, 2x2s, alcohol wipes, syringes, needles etc in there since I take the cart with me on am assessments. After that, I just grab flushes as I need them and keep one or two in my scrub top pocket. In my pockets: left pocket I keep alcohol wipes, tape, a flush or two, and 2x2s. Right pocket- a pen, a sharpie, a highlighter, and my calipers. I carry a clipboard with my "brains" on it.
  13. beachbum3

    May 2008 grads....how are things going?

    I'm a May grad too, and work on a tele unit, and love it. So far things are great... I started on the floor the first week of August, and have a great preceptor. I was hired for nights, so tomorrow is my first night shift. I'm still on orientation, and my preceptor has said that she thinks I'll definitley be ready to go when we start the next schedule- after 8 weeks- the average is 10, so I'm feeling encouraged and fairly confident. Everyone from the day team leaders and other day staff have all been asking me to stay on days and telling me how they really want me to stay which also makes me feel great and that I must be doing something right! After a month on I'm getting a better sense of where my strong and weak points are and set goals for myself each shift as to what I want to focus on improving that day- mostly time management and organizational issues. My preceptor thinks I'm too hard on myself, and I know I'm impatient- I want to have it all down pat like yesterday, and many of these things only come in time. I still find I feel as though I turn into a bumbling idiot when dealing with drs, as I'm most intimidated by that aspect of it. Overall I'm really happy and love my job. I'm nervous about going to nights because I've gotten along so well with everyone and just fit right in on days, and don't really know the folks on nights. I'm hoping it all goes as well as its gone so far.
  14. beachbum3

    Graduate Nurse...Where to work until licensed?

    I'm in IL, here you are not allowed to work until licensed...
  15. beachbum3

    Unfriendly Nurses.....

    I don't know the answer. I'd be friendly to you though! I don't understand people who are unfriendly to begin with. I usually get along with most everyone, (except those who are just plain unpleasant and rude) and when people are friendly with those around them it makes going to work SO much better. I really don't understand why people go out of their way to be crappy to others, it really makes the work environment worse.
  16. beachbum3


    Just because you hear people complaining about the pay doesn't mean they don't like being a nurse. I think at times its a love-hate relationship: I love my job. I had an hour long conversation with my best friend today (who I've known since I was 10) who is considering nursing school answering her questions, encouraging her and pointing out all the great things about nursing. I LOVE what I do. I was meant to be a nurse. I go to work and do something I'm good at that I enjoy. I walk away at the end of the day exhausted, practically unable to put a coherent thought or sentence together, but it never fails, every day, after an hour or so or rest a feeling of fulfillment comes over me because I know that I made a difference that day, however small, that there was purpose and meaning to what I spent my day doing. And every now and again I'll see, hear, or read something about a colleague who has touched someone and my eyes fill with tears because I am truly touched and overcome with pride to be a part of this profession, and I realize all over again that I finally have done something REALLY good with my life. Now if someone had mentioned all of those things to me on Friday when I had the day from hell, running like crazy and dealing with an obnoxious, condescending, rude family I would have told them where to stick it. And after the family member spent 15 minutes being a complete jerk to me, going on and on and on about how he was right, and we were idiots and how I just didn't know what I was talking about, I thought to myself "I got paid about $6 for that" (especially considering it was that family that was putting me behind.. I dreaded going into the room because I knew I'd just lose more time) And at the middle of the day when I took a quick break and cried while I was in the cafeteria grabbing a soda, I thought, "All of this for $120. All of this craziness this morning only made me $120 so far" I love my job, but for the amount of effort, stress, emotion and time I invest in it, I'm underpaid.