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  1. Sonjailana

    What kind of car do you drive for those 1+ hour commutes?

    Honda Civic..gets 40mpg highway!
  2. Sonjailana

    What is your de-stress?

    Petting the cat Calling my mom to whine (we have an open post work whine policy..it works well) Taking a bath Reading a goood book Drinking a beer Spraying things in the yard with the hose Zumba Reading blogs
  3. Sonjailana

    One Of The Saddest Things I've Seen... Can't Stop Laughing

    We had a two week old nursing assistant training a new nursing assistant the other week...they actually had her assigned two of them! So, I took one away..but talk about blind leading blind..
  4. Sonjailana

    Small talk with patients, what to say?

    How did you sleep last night.. What did you think of that game (whomever is local) You picked a good to day to be here (if there is horrible weather..often in Michigan) Did you get breakfast/lunch/dinner.. Oh your flowers/hat/grandchild are soo beautiful... Sometimes, silence is golden. Pt's will just appreciate you being there.
  5. Sonjailana

    G tube to gravity drainage

    A couple months at best..likely less than that. We usually hydrate these pts pretty aggressively IV wise too.
  6. Sonjailana

    Morphine/Phnergan IVP...to give or not to give?

    Just say No. Seriously, if a pt had a peripheral IV, I would NOT push phenergan undiluted. Can you say extravasation? I have no problem telling a pt, "that's fine that the other nurses did it such and such way, I'm doing it this way." Do what's best for the pt, not necessarily what they want. So what if they 'fire' you. It'll be a calmer day afterward :)
  7. Sonjailana

    What do you think of Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNL)?

    We have CNL's and they follow the patients 'story.' Honestly, they don't do any bedside care, and tell staff nurses what to do without having any authority. It seems really like a miserable position. They do 'bedside rounds' and keep some stats. Honestly I can say they are extra cost with extremely little benefit to our unit.
  8. Sonjailana

    Helping patients with migraines

    As a hormone induced migraineur.. I can say, cold, quiet, dark room. Anti nausea meds. Sometimes excedrin. Massage is good sometimes..sometimes I do NOT want to be touched. Really, not too much out there.
  9. Sonjailana

    Getting Sick at Work

    Fell down went boom. Went to work, Soooo painful. Worked for like 90 min, my manager is like, are you ok? I said, no, and said I need to go to ER. My leg was so swollen it was stuck on my scrubs. Broken tibia...and my manager asked if I wanted to take my phone with me to ER! Lesson..if you go boom and it's the most severe post fall pain ever..don't try to 'walk it off'
  10. Sonjailana

    Are you a sensitive person too?

    I'm sensitive in my personal life, but I try REALLY hard not to be at work. I let it roll off my back. (and cry when I get home..you know it) Being in tune with what your pt needs and being a sensitive person are two very different things, however.
  11. Sonjailana

    The introverted nurse

    Your patients will tell you that you're a calming presence. The last thing they want is someone with another 'presence' to be dealing with. As long as you are able to communicate when it's needed, I don't think it should be a problem. You probably have good listening skills. However, your coworkers might not be so kind. You might see all their chatter as wasting time, but honestly, it's how people get ahead. The more popular people will be promoted and notice by your manager. So do take time and be friendly as much as you can and chit-chat from time to time.
  12. Sonjailana

    Do you have a resident you cant stand?

    I love this! I don't work in LTC, but I tried this recently with a drug seeking patient. I was very kind, professional, but offered to take out her IV and get her the paper (AMA form) so she could go to another hospital. Sweet as pie after that.
  13. Yeah..it's just cold and clear here in the Midwest. No big snows here yet this year!
  14. Sonjailana

    Blood Transfusion

    Maybe there are somewhere..but not in my heme-onc unit! Blood is like anything else..chemo..IV antibiotics..premeds, consent, monitor, hang, monitor, take down.
  15. I would select a single unit to start with, collect data until a solid trend was seen, and then start with another unit of a similar pt type. There is no "typical unit" so it would likely need to be 'visitors in ICU's, visitors on med-surg, visitors in post-partum). I feel that there is no reason to say it can't be done unless someone has tried repeatedly.
  16. Well, I doubt that. Data collection is what you need. Then you can know for sure what an accurate average is!