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  1. Sonjailana

    Nurse safety

    The laws don't matter if your employer won't enforce them or there is a culture of not reporting patients or calling the police.
  2. Sonjailana

    RN to MSN?

    You enroll in a master's or doctorate level nurse practitioner program. First you practice nursing for a bit so you actually have some first-hand experience, figure out what area of specialty (for NP) appeals to you, and go for it.
  3. Sonjailana

    Quality Improvement in End of Life Care

    Question for you, StefO. Why is EOL care happening so frequently in the ICU? Why aren't we having these discussions far earlier and providing for much better deaths for our patients? When should these conversations start?
  4. Sonjailana

    If you could just pick up and leave, where would you go?

    Somewhere SUNNNNNNY!
  5. Yes! I went to a school that is nationally ranked in the top five for my specialty, and it has opened several doors for me.
  6. Sonjailana

    My mom doesn't believe in me.

    I had some majors issues with my mom too OP. I think the earlier you can address this and set appropriate boundaries, the better off you will be in the long run. It sounds like your mom does not respect you as an adult. See a therapist ASAP. I can't recommend it enough!!
  7. Sonjailana

    am i reasonably resigning?

    Wow.. so much drama from saying "Back in the day.." NO ageism here, respect your experience, but acuity is NOT the same as it was in the past, and so don't just suck it up and take it OP! It's not worth your mental health!
  8. Sonjailana

    am i reasonably resigning?

    What kills me here is so many nurses are saying, well, back in the day I had.... Today's med-surg floor is so different! In my 7 years of nursing acuity has soared! Med-surg almost always has tele now and very very sick people. 11 is not safe! Run!!
  9. Sonjailana

    Cyclical vomiting syndrome

    Yes! I had a pt with this and we de-toxed him. Put him on suboxone and kept him..it did work..but took like 5 days..and it was miserable in the mean time.
  10. Sonjailana

    What kind of car do you drive for those 1+ hour commutes?

    Honda Civic..gets 40mpg highway!
  11. Sonjailana

    What is your de-stress?

    Petting the cat Calling my mom to whine (we have an open post work whine policy..it works well) Taking a bath Reading a goood book Drinking a beer Spraying things in the yard with the hose Zumba Reading blogs
  12. Sonjailana

    One Of The Saddest Things I've Seen... Can't Stop Laughing

    We had a two week old nursing assistant training a new nursing assistant the other week...they actually had her assigned two of them! So, I took one away..but talk about blind leading blind..
  13. Sonjailana

    Small talk with patients, what to say?

    How did you sleep last night.. What did you think of that game (whomever is local) You picked a good to day to be here (if there is horrible weather..often in Michigan) Did you get breakfast/lunch/dinner.. Oh your flowers/hat/grandchild are soo beautiful... Sometimes, silence is golden. Pt's will just appreciate you being there.
  14. Sonjailana

    G tube to gravity drainage

    A couple months at best..likely less than that. We usually hydrate these pts pretty aggressively IV wise too.
  15. Sonjailana

    Morphine/Phnergan IVP...to give or not to give?

    Just say No. Seriously, if a pt had a peripheral IV, I would NOT push phenergan undiluted. Can you say extravasation? I have no problem telling a pt, "that's fine that the other nurses did it such and such way, I'm doing it this way." Do what's best for the pt, not necessarily what they want. So what if they 'fire' you. It'll be a calmer day afterward :)
  16. Sonjailana

    What do you think of Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNL)?

    We have CNL's and they follow the patients 'story.' Honestly, they don't do any bedside care, and tell staff nurses what to do without having any authority. It seems really like a miserable position. They do 'bedside rounds' and keep some stats. Honestly I can say they are extra cost with extremely little benefit to our unit.

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