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How many schools are you applying to.


I just wanted to get a general idea of how many schools(programs) other pre-nursing students will apply to. I will be applying out-of-state to eight schools. The majority being in Florida(I'm from CT). Just wondering how many other people would be applying to. Also is that number to high? Should I limit the number of applications?



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I applied to 10, got into 2. I think it's smart to cast a wide net!!

Good luck!

I am applying to 3. And I don't think 8 is too many. Good Luck!

Nah, I don't think it's too high. I have to stay in my general area due to my future husband's job, so I only have four options.

I plan on applying to 4..the more the better..never put ALL your eggs in one..you know the rest

Key Lime Pie

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I don't think 8 is too many. I only applied to 2 schools, mainly because they are the only schools within a decent distance from my house. Luckily I was accepted at both.

What about schools that require you to be a current student in the university before applying to their nursing program?

I am applying to 5, all of which are close to me.

No, you are smart to apply to several! It just increases your chances, which is probably what you want. :)

Let us know if you got in....


I am applying to 6 schools. 2 private, 4 state schools. They all universities..

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I applied to 1 due to the different admission requirements and a limited selection and got into that one! But if you meet the qualifications for many that are doable for you apply to them ALL! If I had the choice I would have applied to many more just as a back up.