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How long to wait for ATT


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I just applied for my license and registered with pearson vue a couple of days ago.........How long is the wait until I recieve my ATT?


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Where are you? LPN or RN?

I'm in Ohio and the BON received my registration from my school on April 22. I am still waiting for my ATT. On their website it says they're swamped and may take up to 30 business days. My last day of school was March 27 and I am so tired of waiting!!!


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RN in Massachusetts......

Hopefully it won't be as long..........


This varies from one state to another and upon the workload at the time you apply.

yea i guess it varies from state to state and whether your documents are complete as i have received my ATT just few mins after i registered for the exam and scheduled my test right after that.it took like less than an hour for me...

My affidavit was mailed May 19th and I rec the ATT on May 21. I test on June 8th.


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MN: graduated April 30, semester grades were due by faculty May 4th, got my ATT evening of May 20th. In MN, we can check on the Board of Nursing website and see once our program completion has been entered (that's what took the longest). Got the ATT the same day as program completion was entered.

I am in MN also. I graduated the 20th and I'm waiting for my school to send in my program completion. How soon are there openings to take the NCLEX once you get your ATT? I have a job waiting for me in Hawaii so I want to take it ASAP and I'm hoping there will be spots to test soon.


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When I looked Wednesday night, there were openings as soon as the next day, if I was flexible in where I took the test (Bloomington vs Brooklyn Park). It seems that my classmates and I all got our ATT's the same day, so when everyone went to sign up, spots filled up fast. But, I also noticed that additional slots opened up shortly thereafter, so I would book something, and then keep checking back to see if something "better" comes along (as you can reschedule pretty easily).

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