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How long does giving report take at other places? At my hospital, time stops while we take 1.5 hours giving report. Any ideas? How do we get other procedures done during this time?

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1.5 hours! OMG! :eek:

When I did ICU, it took around 30-45 minutes, depending on how many pts, and how sick they were.

In the ER, it takes only minutes... ;) :)

How do you do report, and what does it consist of? How many pts are you reporting on?

*edited b/c I spaced out and forgot to ask some questions* :imbar


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That's ridiculous! I've never seen a report longer than 40 minutes, but even that was a rare occassion. Has your change of shift become a gossip fest?? What's the deal? Jeez, I would address that at the next meeting (or request one with the manager), or discuss a more efficient way to do this. It's a waste of time, a waste of resources, and it pulls nurses away from direct patient care.

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my gosh that is a long time:eek:

We use a form of Kardex so each nurse isn't writing report down. We go through the kardex and then ask questions if needed of one another.

Report may take minutes to 15minutes...(unless you are chatting that is!!)

It took me awhile to get used to the Kardex type of system, but I really like it now...if the present nurse is still busy in a pt's room I simply pick it up and read. We write "our shift" updates on the back...the front consists of dx, hx, IV sites, wounds, decubs, IVF's, cardiac rhythm, etc....

After the nurse is done I ask for the "updates, concerns, things to watch out for, etc...

I would be really ticked off if report took a LONG TIME!!


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Yes, it does depend on who you've got and how sick they are. On the 30 bed medical unit it usually takes about 40 minutes. It has taken up to an hour though. Surgery with 20 beds (plus 8 bed peds) usually 20-25 minutes. Maternity about 15 to 20 mins, depending on how many babies that shift and who's in labor at the change of shift.

Amanda :)

I've done taped, verbal & written reports. I am doing written reports now, and I like them the best. You can still talk to the previous or oncoming shift, but the written report seems to go fast...maybe 10 min. to read it after reviewing the Kardexes...


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We tape and it usually takes the day shift 45 min to an hour to get report and make assignments and get back to the floor to begin working. (Postpartum). Now I know, our taped reports do not last that long.

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Our documentation should be so complete that the next shift could pick up exactly where you left off without the report. Well that is the ideal...........

Why do we do reports?

1) save time - we can give the salient points about a patient without having to "wade through" the chart to find to exactly what is going on.

2) To give impressions and observed trends that are hard to quantify

3) To red flag in an informal way i.e. "found pt out of bed studying insulin infusion please watch hime as I get a feeling he might fiddle with his pump"

4) TO double check information - ensure that the next shift knows Pt A ,B & C are NPO

When giving handover it is important to keep these aims in mind - it saves time on less "pertinent" points of care.


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Report in my ICU takes between 15 min to 30 min depending on whether or not the nurse who is relieving me had the pt the day before. If the nurse had the pt yesterday, then I don't need to give a detailed report, just the basics and stuff that's happened since they last took care of the pt. Now some of our RN's want to know EVERYTHING about the pt and it can take an HOUR to give those nurses report.

I couldn't imagine spending 90 min in report, that just seems ridiculous.


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Approximately 30 minutes.

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Our reports are 30-45 minutes and I think that is too long, in my mind. Sometimes we get a bit carried away with the nonesssential banter.


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Some are skilled at giving report, and others tend to add alot of extra junk. I can tell if it is going to take forever depending on who was there that i have to listen to. We also use a kardex, makes it go a litle faster, and are having some who are skilled at report, transmitting iinfo you need for care in a efficient manner, meet with the whole unit and talk about how they do it and stuff, i wont stop the tape for anything other than a pt related note or an inturruption from a dr or situation that needs immediate attention

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