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How do I get a job/interview for Parkland residency 2010


i have been trying to apply online but i keep getting errors. i called the number on the website regarding residency application and they sent me an email with "info." it turned out to be an email with general info on the residency programs.

i graduate in dec 2009 from el centro and i really want to get into parkland's telemetry or nicu. i'm currently an lvn. please let me know how i can get into parkland.


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My advice is to call and speak with a recruiter, personally. Go there in person, kick the doors down, so to speak. If you want something, you have to be persistent; I called my recruiter once a week for a couple of months until they finally gave me the interview.


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Do they have a residency program for LVN's?


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They posted the Nurse residency job back in the beginning of October. I don't see it listed online anymore, so they probably removed it already. Your best bet is to talk to a nurse recruiter.

I believe their residency program is for RN's only, but I could be wrong.

I recently interviewed for Parkland's NICU and was offered a position. Sorry to be a bearer of bad news, but it seems like they have already hired everyone for the January 2010 residency...


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I don't think they have finished hiring GNs for every department. I have an interview on the 15th for their ER residency program. I just received the interview invitation this past Friday.

i'm currently an lvn, i am graduating from an rn program, so i'm looking to get hired as an rn, not as an lvn. when i do a search for residency on the site, it comes up with just one entry: nurse residency jan 2010 and it lists several different departments. it was posted on oct 9. i guess it is no longer active, as it gives me some errors when i try to apply. i'll go talk to a recruiter. parkland is just so big, i don't even know where to start. anybody have any recruiter numbers they are willing to share?

lweatherby: how did you get to be asked to interview? if they have general gn positions, that means that i can just apply for any nursing position, or are they normally listed as gn?

LWAETHERBY, How did it go? I have an interview for the ER Residency tomorrow at 1pm. Any pointers?

To OP- Yes you can apply to just the general RN 1 positions but just call the general number and ask to speak with a nurse recruiter. They contact you by email if they want to interview with you.


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Had the interview yesterday. I think it went well. It is a panel interview with about 7-8 people. All are pretty laid back. I was pretty relaxed inspite of the awkwardness of being in the spotlight.

Does anyone know how many they hire per residency?

i spoke with several recruiters...they just say to look online and apply. i'm baffled as i believe that there are always positions that they don't post jobs for. i really want to get into telemetry, but i have never seen any openings posted. i know that they hire there though because my friend got a job there. she is out of the country now, dealing with family issues, otherwise, i would have asked her how she went about it. i wish i could just find out whom the right person to speak with is

For those of you accepted into the ICU residency program can you tell us how you got in? I'm doing whatever I can to guarantee acceptance and make myself extremely competitive.


Hi, lweatherby! What was the outcome of your interview with parkland. I am very interested in parkland's ER residency. I will graduate May 2010. Thanks!


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I accepted a job at Baylor so I did not accept the Parkland ER residency. Good Luck!

Thanks, lweatherby....What did you do to receive an interview? What made you choose Baylor?