How do I approach Daddy?

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When I applied for nursing school in July, my dad said that he and his wife wanted to pay for my first semester. Stating, "whatever that cost may be." I was thrilled at the offer, but especially touched at my Dad's support. So, needless to say, I haven't put the needed money aside. Well, I was accepted into nursing school this week and have had two conversations with my Dad. He didn't mention the previous offer. And, I did not want to bring it up. I am in a position now, that I need his assistance. This weeks expenses have tapped me out. I know that additional expenses are just around the corner. How do I approach him? It is just so uncomfortable to bring up asking for money..... ugh. Any advice? :uhoh3:

Anyone???? Please!!! If I am unable to get his help, I have to forfeit my seat.

I am on a fixed income, with three children. Hubby supports the family, on disability. He is on dialysis and on a waiting list for a kidney. I need this! Nursing school.

Direct is the only option. I'd be straight and just say, "Dad, thanks so much for offering to pay for the first semester, you & (wife's name)'s help is so appreciated! This is what it's cost so far, and these are the expenses I have coming up. Thank you again!"

Yes, asking for money from your parent is hard, im 44 and im in nursing school, and I still ask my parents for help, find the courage inside and just ask! Bring your tuition bill over to their house and sit down as say I dont know how im gonna pay for all this.. look how expensive it is.. and see if they offer to help.. if not then ask! Did you apply for Financial aid?

Come right out and ask him. You have to know where you stand. Maybe he can't do it. You need to know that too. I remember when I was in school the first time. I lived in the dorm. One of my buddies in the hall was having her living expenses paid for by her dad. Well, guess what happened? She had to move out about a month or two before the spring semester ended. She moved in with a friend and those of us who still were in the dorm would swipe boxed cereal and fruit to give her because she had no income. You need to know what you are going to have to do in order to go to school. The sooner you find all of this out, the sooner you can do your part. Good luck.

We made it this far! Don't lose hope...apply for pell grant

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How do I approach him?
Just ask for the money. Be direct.

If you continue to side-step and dance around the issue, you might end up not realizing your dreams.

Definitely be direct. Remind him of the conversation you had and see what he says. Also, as others have said, did you apply for financial aid? Surely with your husband on a fixed income and 3 children, you would qualify for money. My husband has a good job and I work 2 PT jobs from home and we still qualified for financial aid (enough to pay for my school expenses at a community college). If you haven't done so already, I would definitely go on the FASFA website and get applied for financial aid. It doesn't hurt anything to apply and it might just save your bacon. Good luck!

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Obviously, I don't know your family dynamics ...

But I would not be so direct. I would simply ask him for "help" with your financial situation ... as if you were asking for advice. I would lay out your situation and ask if he had any advice to offer or if he could "help out a little." That's probably how I would say it. I would say something like, "When we spoke about this last July, you thought you might be able to help out a little. Well, Dad, I am at the point where I am looking for a little help. Can you help a little?" ... and see how he takes that.

I'd be afraid that if I acted as if I expected him to pay for a big chunk of my expenses, he would feel that I was feeling too "entitled" and pull back. I would rather gently explore whether he could provide "a little help" and give him a chance to be generous and offer some.

Be direct in saying, "Dad, remember when you said that you would help me out finacially when I got into nursing school? As you know I got into a pretty competitve nursing school and I need some assiatance with the tuition. As you know this has been my dream for a long time. Well it is that time and I am very excited. I am planning on applying for finacial aid and scholoarships, but since that is an unknown I need help. Here is the amount.... Then go on from there. There is now way to tip toe around the issue, because he won't get it unless you are direct and up front about what you are asking. Even though it might be too late, you can see if there are any pell grants left, since it seems you are a good candidate for that and other federal and state assistance. Good luck and don't be shy, just ask! The little extra about the finacial aid and scholarships will help because he will think that you really want this, but just need some help. Good luck and be assertive!

Thanks to all!!!! I still haven't gathered up the nerve yet. I have orientation on Nov. 16. I will most likely get a run down of the expenses and then tackle my nerves and go for it.

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Tell dad to hand over the credit card. ;)

Thats how it worked with my dad. You obviously know your relationship with your dad more than any of us, just remember don't be afraid to ask for help. "Ask and you shall receive."

(FYI, if anyone starts thinking I'm spoiled, once my parents retire, I have every intention of taking care of them. We have a great reciprocal relationship.)

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