How are your grades posted?

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Like when you make a 89.9 what does your instructor actually give you? Our instructor drops of any thing after decimal really aggravates me because that's my grade thats what I made not really fair to take off that .9 and .6 :/ it does add up!

it's posted as that!

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Our grades for each exam are rounded up or down. So a 91.5 is a 92, but a 91.4 is a 91. I never really though about it, I guess it averages out somehow? Our exams are always 100 points so we rarely have decimals anyways.

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Ours are posted as is. An 89.99 is still an 89.9. Anything below a 75 is considered failing, the worst is when a classmate received an overall 74.99 and failed out of the program. But, that's life!

Ours is rounded up. 74 is the lowest passing grade I think, so a 73.5 or higher, course average, would be considered passing but a 73.4 would fail. And only our tests are counted in the course average until you're past the 73.5, then assignments and attendance can bump your grade up or down. But they don't add to your grade until after your test scores average 73.5 or better.

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Ok say you take 20 tests and all tests you miss out on 0.2 points that's 4 points that you did earn that's just dropped off for what reason? It's like why can't you just enter it as it comes on scantron!!!

That seems very unfair. :(

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My instructor told me she wasn't giving me anything I kept saying all I'm asking is you not drop off the points I EARNED not asking to be given any :/

Did it cause you to fail?

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No I got 91 and 93 but I would have had a 95 instead of 93 which is an A I was upset because of that the 91 would have been higher but not as close to A :/

In my program our grades are left just as they are like 48/50 or 45/50 and then at the end of the semester total points earned is divided by total possible and that's your grade. If its 89.5 it's a 90 89.4 its a 89. Anything less than 78 is failing too.

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Our instructors don't round up individual grades at all. Then when they add everything up a passing grade is a 75%. If you make below a 75, they don't round up. I failed my first semester of Nursing school last year because I made a 74.9% I was furious! But if you made a 75.6-75.9 they'll round it up to a 76%. Our grading system is really messed up.

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