How did you get through the waiting?

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I applied to nursing school and now I am in the mist of the long wait... I feel like I am driving myself crazy. I can not seem to get my mind of worrying if I will get accepted. How can I make the time fly by?????

I know how you feel hun, I just applied myself and constantly find myself thinking about it at times. What I have done to try and relieve my mind is engage myself in busy activities such as exercising, reading, talking with friends, etc. I hope this helps. I know it is not easy waiting.

I am in the same boat with you! I just joined the Doubleday Book Club and ordered 7 books for .99 cents. I have up to a month before I learn whether or not I am in. And then, two months until class start. All I do is think about is nursing school.....ugh!:rolleyes:

I was accepted to nursing school in July and I can't tell you how hard the wait was. Some of the schools I applied to I had to wait 5 months to hear ANYTHING from. I refreshed my e-mail probably every 30 minutes to see if I had heard anything. What I can tell you is the waiting process after you apply is the easiest part of the NS process.

Anyways, like the previous posters said, do your best to distract yourself and have faith in the fact that you did your best and you will most likely receive the news you are waiting for!

Good luck, I know the anticipation is killer! :nurse:

Continue to live your life. I have applied 4 times with a "no", just applied for the 5th time. I have learned that waiting to get in cannot dictate my life. I will be ecstatic when I do receive my acceptance letter, until then I have 3 kids that need me, and I get in my "me" time, since there will be no more of that when nursing school starts.

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It's hard I know. I only had to wait one time but it was kind of an all or nothing situation for me because I have a family, so if I didn't get accepted I was going to be forced to change my major. I did not want to do that so I was so anxious I would have trouble falling asleep at night and I had to wait for 3 months or so. I was really lucky though because I was told not to expect anything until Sept. and was getting anxious towards the end of August (getting to know my postman) and got my letter earlier then expected. Just sit tight, find ways to distract yourself, and the time will pass. Although now its almost worse cause I cannot concentrate on my classes this semester, all I can think about is starting my nursing classes next semester.

I want to thank you all for your posts! I feel so much better now that I know the feelings I am experiencing are all normal. I am doing my best to stay focused on school and not letting this wait drive me crazy ;)

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I'm not able to apply until this semester ends, because they have to have the final grades for this semester to calculate everything. But waiting to apply is hard enough I can't even begin to imagine how hard it will be to wait to find out if I was accepted or not. I have an amazing pre-req advisor who I go and talk to and he gives me as much reassurance as possible, and I'm still swamped trying to make perfect grades for the last half of the semester. Christmas break will definitely be brutal waiting though. The deadline at my school to apply is Jan 15th and then its 6 weeks to find out if you're accepted or not. I'm already going stir crazy. I'm a bookworm so I plan on reading lots and doing a lot of volunteer work to help pass the time.

I kept repeating to myself "Pilot. Pilot. Pilot. Pilot" Reminding myself that God is my Pilot and He was directing my path and flying the airplane. So I just needed to sit down and shut up for the duration of the flight! ;-) LOL

I have a touch of ADHD so it only took a few repetitions of "Pilot" before I was off thinking of something else like a grocery list or "look at that pretty shiny thing..." ;-)

Good luck!

(If it helps, I was devastated when I didnt get in at first. But then, 1 month after classes started, my h was laid off from his job. ANd had I gotten in and started, I would have had to drop out. So even though I was bummed, my Pilot really was looking out for me and could see way father out than I ever could) :-)

Chris you are funny and I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you and I will remember "Pilot"!

I applied to my ASN program in April and wasn't supposed to find out until the middle of summer. I took some summer classes to finish my science and English requirements to keep myself busy. Nothing like a 10-week Chemistry class to keep you on your toes. :rolleyes:

Having the same problems! The waiting is killer :( But I am taking Micro and working full time, and started a book seriers--Just trying anything to keep my mind busy. My email hates me cecuase I check it every 25 minutes or so! So hopefully the books series is really good and will take my mind of the madness!! LoL! Best of Luck to you!!

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