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  1. Soon2bRN1222

    Hurst review scores....Please?

  2. Soon2bRN1222

    Does the popup work for 265 questions ?

    Well the first time I took it I got 265 questions and failed... It took me straight to the CC page. So I think we passed! I just need to see it! Lol
  3. Soon2bRN1222

    Agghh! Got the good pop up but still cant believe it!

    I have been trying to think of what to recommend as far as study tips. I did do the Hurst Review and I found it easy to read and understand how ever I failed the first time after completing the review. I took all 265 questions then as well. I will also say I had a lot going on and did not study much. This time focused on questions, questions, questions. I did the Kaplan trainers and my scores where horrible! I did the Kaplan book and did slightly better on the questions. I did lots of questions from Saunders. I also used that priorities and delegation book everyone talks about. I am one that truly believes the key to passing is doing many questions because that's the only thing I differently.
  4. Soon2bRN1222

    Does the popup work for 265 questions ?

    I'm in the exact same boat!!! But from what I hear... No matter how many questions, the good pop up is a pass!
  5. Well I got the good pop up after 265 questions! I know everyone says it means I passed but I am having a hard time believing it! Please tell me I passed!
  6. Soon2bRN1222

    Parkland Fall 2013 Residency

  7. Soon2bRN1222

    Parkland Fall 2013 Residency

    I interviewed today as well... Is it just me or did it seem to be really quick and they were very hard to read? Well the rest is in Gods hands. The best of luck to you guys.
  8. Soon2bRN1222

    Medical Center of Plano pay

    I had an interview for the stipen internship and waiting to hear something... The wait is killing me!
  9. Soon2bRN1222

    midwestern state university spring 2012

    Hello All! I would like to say congrats to you all that have been accepted to MSU! Getting accepted into Nursing School is a huge accomplishment! I am currently finishing my 2nd semester in the program. Although I have only been here a year I have not had a horrible experience thus far. I will admit there are moments of frustration but I am sure that could happen in any program. Some instructors are better than others but I believe that your experience will be what you make it. Just stay focused and study hard. I cant promise to be able to answer all of your questions but I will do my best to be of assistance. Be encouraged and stay positive.
  10. Soon2bRN1222

    Pathophsyiology at TWU

    It depends on the Professor....
  11. Soon2bRN1222

    Midwestern State University

    Kikky, Im sure that people can be called off the waitlist up until the first day of class. Some students that have been accepted may not be able to attend for many different reasons. A few years ago I was waitlisted for a LVN program and they called me the second day of class. It would be a good idea to contact the school and see where you are on the list now and if they think you have a chance. I wish you luck!
  12. Soon2bRN1222

    Anyone Applying to Midwestern Spring 2011

    Congrats az 2995!!!!!
  13. Soon2bRN1222

    Anyone Applying to Midwestern Spring 2011

    I noticed that our orientation is after school starts.. I have so many questions, I wish it was sooner.
  14. Soon2bRN1222

    Anyone Applying to Midwestern Spring 2011

    Congrats Aggiegrl23!!!!
  15. Soon2bRN1222

    Pay Raise After Nursing Residency?

    RNQueen, I think 15k a yr. increase is alot to just walk away from... You have a tough decision but remember you have to do whats best for you and your family. Good Luck!