How far out from applying are you?


After this semester I have intermediate algebra and my 4 science classes left (A&P, Chem and microbiology - all with lab) If all goes as planned, I'll be applying next fall, while taking physiology and micro. I'm still undecided if I'll space them out and just wait a little longer to apply though ( Im worried taking two science classes will be too much for me, plus Id like to get the points for completing them)

It seems so far away! Anyone else else a year out from applying? Just curious :)

Im attending OSU-OKC.. anyone else going there??


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Hi there,

I am also taking it a bit slow to take my prereqs. I am taking same classes plus two chem courses, all with labs and a couple of psych classes. All in all it will take me 3 semesters to complete them. I will also be applying next fall for 2018 season!


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I have two more semesters after this one. I am the same in that most of my classes left are the science classes with lab. So far I've done all my classes online, but my plan is to be able to stop working in January and take the science classes on campus. I plan on applying after fall 2017 and use the gap during spring 2018 to take more Spanish and 's three pre-nursing classes.

I also have two more semesters after this one, which means I'll be submitting my application next summer for a Spring 2018 start.

I apply in April and if I get accepted, I'll start the program in August. Beyond excited!


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I keep telling myself that slow and steady wins the race! :) I can't take them any faster even if I wanted to though, because they build on top of one another and I have to have my math done before taking some of them. But , like i said in the original post, I'm still kinda unsure about taking the two together in that last semester. Its nice to know and talk to others in the same boat though :)


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Thats awesome, good luck!! Sounds like a good plan :)


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Which classes do you have to complete?? Good luck to you!

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Applied in August, in the waiting list pool, projected start date is fall 2017. I also took my pre-reqs slowly but surely. Only allotted one science a semester to fully focus on lecture & lab for that class.

Which classes do you have to complete?? Good luck to you!

I think this was addressed to me.

My next semester is:


Micro Bio

Organic Chem


And final semester:

World Religions


Government II

Medical Terminology (maybe, I need a filler course here).

I know a lot of people say not to take two sciences together, let alone three - but I'm a good student with a lot of support, so I think I'll do just fine. If not I'll slide a science in the summer instead.

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I am currently taking anatomy and microbiology together. It is doable for me. I am currently holding an A in anatomy and a B in micro while working part time. Microbiology is definitely harder to grasp but as long as I make time to study both then there's not a problem. I had a harder time doing chemistry and stats together.

I've got A&P II next semester, then Micro. over the summer, and then a 7.5 week nutrition class the second half of the fall semester. I'll apply in early spring for a Spring 2018 start. The application deadline is August 1st, but they do rolling admissions and the dean said to get it in early. It's starting to feel real now!!!