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Hey all!

I was just curious as to what your families thought about you going to college to become a nurse? My family was pretty quiet about it. I'm not sure they think I can do it, which is a little irritating. My husband is sure I can do it and is supportive and happy for me.

How bout you guys?



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My family is actually pretty happy about it.. Especially my mom, she had always wanted to be a nurse, but felt she couldn't do it, so this way it is kinda like she is but through me...

My husband is extremely supportive, which is good.. Cause if he wasn't then I am not sure I would be able to do it.... He is understanding of why the dishes aren't done, laundry is behind, and the house isn't immaculate... So it is nice :)


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No one tried to discourage me per se, the only thing I heard from a few cousins who are lpn's was to become an RN the first time around...which is what I'm doing anyway...

But of my immediate family, no one really understands the huge committment that school's usually referred to at family events as "Leslie takes classes at night school, don't you honey" assuming it must be since I work also. :rolleyes: that's all I can say. I'll be the first person on my mom's side to go to college let alone graduate, so I know they'll be proud...they just don't understand the sacrifices that go into school.

geesh, I sound a little bitter :chuckle

I have to say my aunt has been an amazing support and DOES know how hard I'm working, it sure does help :D


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Sorry double posting :rolleyes: :D


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My husband is supportive and most of my family, but I still hear things like "you are the last person I thought would want to be a nurse, wait until you have to deal with something gross". Just heard that the other day and of course then I start doubting myself again, especially since I am giving up a decent paying job to pursue this so then I think, well maybe I should just keep this job and finish my business degree.

I'm sure once I go back to class next week, I will feel better. It seems like when I am in class, then the positive comes back out again.

I guess we all have to just hang in there and prove to everyone that we can do it!!! (sounds like Bob the Builder, ha! ha!l)


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Well, all that my mom says is "make me proud". If I havent accomplished that yet, I never will. I am rather proud of myself, I made a 96 on my first A&P test. Some of my friends are really supportive and others I think wonder why I am doing this. Hubby is semi supportive and children aredriving me crazy... everyone is doing their job


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My wife has been very supportive so far. I was a bit worried because at first she was concerned about how much time it would take away from the family (I have a son going on 3 and a 3 month old daughter), the finances for school, working full time, the difference is a nurses salary versus a computer programmer's, etc, etc. However, I've been pleasantly surprised after the first two weeks of class. I've had to make sure that I still take time out for the family, but other than that so far so good.


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My family has been great. Good luck to you.


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the ones that really matter are very supportive. i don't like a lot of negative so i try to hear and not hear. some think i should wait until my children are out on their own etc., but wants me to get more. i say the time has come and i have faith to withstand. all the best to you!


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My parents, siblings and kids are all very supportive. My husband, who initially seemed very supportive, has been making remarks lately that are less than positive, but I think its mainly because I will be done with my prereqs in December, and most likely starting the actual nursing program next spring, which means for the first time in ten years he will have to be the primary breadwinner. I think he's scared...probably more than me! Our lives are really going to change once I'm in school full time, and he doesn't do change well...but I was there for him when he went back to school for four years when he retired from the Navy, so now its my turn! At least my program only takes 16 months, so I'll be graduating in fall 2004.


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I have to family has been GREAT! My mother's husband places a high value on education and they've been so supportive.

My husband has been wonderful too! He might be a little annoyed becuase I'm always on and some school related sites :devil: but overall he's the best!

I feel soooo lucky!


My family is REALLY supportive and I thank GOD for that every day. I am a single mother and my parents help me a GREAT deal. When I have to be at clinicals bright and early, they are the one's who take her to school, when I have a evening class they keep her for me, when I need extra time to study and focus they help me by entertaining my daughter. My brother is also very helpful at times like last week I did not have a babysitter. My mom has been keeping her while I started classes because I have to get the money before my daughter can go back to her school and my mom had something very important to do which left me in a bind. So I asked my brother who is a father-to be anyway and he said Ok. So I am very thankful for that. Without my family I would have no support and I would not think all of this would be possible right now because my daughter is not too understanding at time about the fact that I have to study but she is four and a half and it is really unrealistic to expect a four and a half year old to really understand.

My mom started to become a nurse after she graduated from high school but she could not stand the sight of blood. Everytime she took a look at it she passed out from seeing it. So she quit. Now, I am almost done she said she is so proud that I am doing something that she always wanted to do but won't because of blood.

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