How do you deal with lazy nurses??


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;);)Anywhere you go you will experience working with lazy nurses. The other night I had to work with one in the ER. all she did was chat and and chat. she came to me about 3am syying she needed to break! By this time I had two cardiac cases in , one of whom she was attending to , and who was not improving. I told her to leave because all she was doing was complaining about the patients and their relatives. In the end one of them was of course an MI and was admitted. Her patient resolved and was referred to a cardiac center. I Just wanted to get rid of her and her negative work vibes and focus on what I had to do.


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I know what you mean about the CNA's not understanding our job. My partner is a CNA, and he had NO idea that I had all the paperwork, assessments, discharges, admissions, med-passes, etc, etc, that we all do every day. Sometimes they (CNA's) wrongly assume that when we're sitting at the nurses station reading or writing on a chart, it's because we have nothing better to do. I've ALWAYS worked closely with my CNA's, and have garnered their respect by helping them when they needed it. After all, it's EVERYONE'S job to answer those call-bells and change those briefs. I think educating them on exactly what a nurse does goes a long way, and certainly applaud you for your action with your CNA! Teamwork makes all the difference, and most of us are in this job because we LOVE IT, and usually, that shows!

I had a similar experience with one of our former CNAs. She was sooo lazy when she was a tech. She would sit on her a$$ and do nothing. I was dreading the time she became a nurse. Now she is a nurse and she works really hard. She actually apologized to all of us nurses because she didn't realize how much work we have to. She gained a lot of respect back after that apology.



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I know this is an old post but how can anyone be a lazy nurse? I know I never stop running from the time I come in until the time I leave. What about med pass, calling Mds, admits, discharges, etc. How is there time to chat?


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Well, all one has to do is to sit at the nurse's station during the entire night shift and sleep, then on your way out the door in the morning, make certain you stop by the DON's office to KHA once in awhile.



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This urks me and burns me out! I am very hardworking, dedicated nurse and on our unit I swear some days I am working in an environment of people who make bogus BS excuses to get out of work. NurseOne sits at the nurses station and talks to everyone or talks with her family at least 3-4 times per shift discussing up and coming plans. One time while I was documenting at the nurses station, the CNA told her patient wanted something for pain. Her direct reply was to just have the patient change position. Because it was close to the end of shift, the patient never got medicated. How annoying!

NurseTwo drives me nuts because at least three times in the last 6 months has came into work sick. I understand that things happen, but why with the same people do they come into work and then go home? This has been a pattern with certain coworkers and it's accepted!:crying2: Time one came into nurses station vomiting into the garbage can while being in the nurse's station. We did take care of her at that moment and sent her home. Please if you are that sick do not come into work. Time two after being clocked in for 10 minutes complains about her toe hurting and walks to the nurses station bare foot stating she needs to go to the urgent care. Long story made short, was placed on light duty that day. Later on that day I caught her looking at her email while I was doing something else and she was looking at what overtime she could pick up on another unit. Come on!

This frustrates me very much so because I work very hard and in conjunction I am on a couple of different committees because no one else will volunteer to take part. I really feel that management is effectively promoting laziness instead of hardworking nurse like me and others on the unit who should be rewarded. Instead they just give me more work, I DON"T THINK SO!!! Why should I have to compensate for others who don't do their work?? This is a constant factor where I work at. Ugh!:down:

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