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  1. "New Nurses's Don't Know Anything."

    Hi. You sound like an older nurse.You are not helping and obviously did not read what I wrote to the nurse. I choose not to take sides. Try a little Mentoring . It might help you see how others see. Care and foster those who are going to be around t...
  2. "New Nurses's Don't Know Anything."

  3. Are you allowed to wear Makeup ?

    Yes, We are allowed to wear make-up. Personally it make me feel great and confident.
  4. How do you deal with lazy nurses??

    ;)Anywhere you go you will experience working with lazy nurses. The other night I had to work with one in the ER. all she did was chat and and chat. she came to me about 3am syying she needed to break! By this time I had two cardiac cases in , one of...
  5. Hey Shellek! seems as You have been missing out on a lot of sleep? I did say, if you are not wired this way, DON'T, DON'T ,DON'T .AND I SAY DON'T ,TRY IT:monkeydance: .
  6. Yes! and I am not trying to be sanctimonious here. My night shifts are 12s. and I take care of my sister's son he is 12 yrs old. ten years of doing this thing makes you always think of others first. I also work with some very understanding people. H...
  7. No, I would not call in sick. Where I work it is often difficult to find a replacement nurse. I would tough it out .The shift is only eight hours long ,and if I keep busy it will go by in a flash.
  8. Would you or wouldn't you?

    You were right not to have given the shot to grandma. I am certain that someone was taught to give the shot before grandma was sent home on this injection. ta taa. Continue being safe.:monkeydance:
  9. Finals; I hate exams. Always have and always will. It's not that I don't know what to do but they scared the hell out of me. I would always take at least ten minutes to start then ease into it. I'am glad those days are over.:monkeydance:
  10. How do you deal with lazy nurses??

    Lazy people are everywhere, not nursing only. They go everywhere, do everything except their duties and presume in their minds that no one knows.Nevermind someone of significance knows! And there is something called retribution, and time. To all the ...
  11. wedding rings at work

    Wearing rings are ok- I guess. As long as they are plain and dont cause damage to the patients , you , or your family . They protect you too from corny patients, their family, or their guests. One love.:monkeydance:
  12. White Pants Underwear Woes

    I could not agree with you more! Where I live and work white pants are the norm. We are socialized into wearing black underwear with them . It is not something you would make a mistake doing. Everyone will notice if you have some other color undern...