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  1. easy street - where is it?

    What about working in a clinic or a doctor's office? The hours would be good and you would work little or no weekends and no holidays. Also the patient's wouldn't be as acute. just my 2 cents.
  2. Strangest thing you've heard a co-worker or patient say?

    My co-worker had a patient once and she had to put a FOley catheter in her. When she went to put it in the women said "It's been awhile since anyone's been down there and I'm not gonna lie, it feels pretty good." :uhoh21: My co-worker said she had to...
  3. Do you shower when you get off work???

    I leave my work shoes at work. My dog was sick once and ended up having pancreatitis. When I read the lab reports it said C. diff was in her poop!:uhoh21: That's when I decided that my work shoes will never come home with me. I can't believe I gave m...
  4. Not going to cut it in the real world

    I was in the same position you are before I graduated. I couldn't sleep or eat, I was up for days straight because I was so stressed out. My preceptor in Role Transition told me I would never make it and I graduated second in my class. I was scared t...
  5. Personality Type and Nursing

    ENFJ here.
  6. Everyone's laughing except me.

    I had a coworker once go to put a catheter in a patient one night when we were working and she got everything set up and went to advance the catheter. The patient sighed and said "it"s been awhile since anyone's been down there and I'm not gonna lie,...
  7. I would do it in a heartbeat. I already volunteer my time for a local charity and would do it for free for those that need it on the side. Of course I need my money so I would have to keep a job that pays. Once I am married though, I probably wouldn'...
  8. Would You do the same thing I did?

    I think you did the right thing and I don't even have kids. A fever that high can bring on a seizure which yes is a medical emergency. Someone else mentioned meningitis which can cause death in hours like they said. I would have left two because I am...
  9. Some nurses make you sick!!!

    I'm just curious if the feeding bag was labeled with the patient name, date, time, started, etc. Where I work we label the bag and the tubing and the same goes for IV fluids and piggybacks. This might of helped the situation some. As for the day nurs...
  10. Anyone Else Experience Mobbing?

    I unfortunately experienced this garbage when I was student during my role transition class. It was horrible and my heart goes out to anyone that experiences it. I would be standing in the hall getting meds. ready or priming IV tubing and I would loo...
  11. mother dies after refusing blood transfusion

    I admire JW for having such a strong faith base and sticking to their beliefs. I would hope I would be like that if it came down to it. I do pity the children that lost their mother, but unfortunately it wa the mother's choice. Someone mentioned bef...
  12. Why is it? Things nurses do other people can't

    Always do this to everyone, even when standing in line at the store. My boyfriend told me I have a sick mind because of it. I'm always pressing on his veins. Also my dad has huge cord veins and wouldn't even need a tourniquet and I sit there and thin...
  13. resuscitation and family presence

    I know I would possibly want to be in the room with my loved one but only with the staff's permission and as long as I'm not in anybody's way or to big of a distraction. I know I would be one of the first to get out of the way if anything goes wrong....
  14. Pushing drugs for the Man bother anyone?

    Be careful with that Alli! It has been known to cause anal leakage! Who wants that as a side effect? Ewww!:barf01:
  15. I would say definitely try a tech job while going through school. I really love my job and when I first graduated I didn't think I was going to follow through with it. I was terrified. The job is really rewarding. I especially love the patients that ...