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CTNurse678 has 7 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg, Peds, Cardiothoracic/Stepdown.

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  1. What grosses YOU out?

    Confused patient pooping in bedside stand gross but at the same time funny. Feet especially with sloughing skin!!!! Ewww!!
  2. How do you deal with lazy nurses??

    This urks me and burns me out! I am very hardworking, dedicated nurse and on our unit I swear some days I am working in an environment of people who make bogus BS excuses to get out of work. NurseOne sits at the nurses station and talks to everyone o...
  3. Dealing with family complaints

    Find another job, you don't need to deal with a facility who responds in this nature. You are a valuable resource.
  4. Dealing with family complaints

    I love it when patient's families make up lies.... ha ha NOT! Such as " I have been trying to talk with a doctor since Fri" (and it's Wednesday the following week. After being with for father for 12 hours yesterday, you did not say anything to the RN...
  5. why BSN over ADN???

    No, you are not being bitter you are standing up for accomplishment. Don't take it so personal! I was ADN graduate yet went back to get my BSN after graduating. They prefer BSN do to the fact that they have more schooling which a degree does not deci...
  6. Bedside Report dillema

    What I would do is to ask her the questions if she doesn't know, if accessable, I would take a computer around and look it up at that point in time if not beforehand. Then at first I am sure it would take longer to do report but issues were dealt wit...
  7. Am I the only one?!!

    No, your are not the only one.I have seen in both extremes. It was just last week that some coworkers had the flu and my boss had to place in our weekly updates if you flu please stay home. I can't tell you how many times I have picked up some respir...
  8. How to deal with constant calls to come into work?!

    As in my experience, unless I need the money, I am not coming in. I have been dealt some shifty deals when it comes to being called in. As a nurse you have to stand up for yourself and your family. My bf and I have broken up because of some of the is...