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How Competitive is the Army Nurse Corps


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It is tough for new nurses to get in right now because there are so many applicants. The mission was met very early last year. It's actually a "little" easier if you have critical care experience. I understand the Army didn't meet it's mission for critical care (E.R. and I.C.U.) last years so homefully they will be more inclinded to open slots early this year. I remember one of the nurses I work with got boarded this time last year. She didn't hear back until after thanksgiving. It would be nice to hear something this week either way though.

Just like with every organization there is a bottom line in the funding. They can only bring in so many of certain ranks each year and based upon the availability of slots per profession thats why the Army is only taking 50 Active Duty Nurses and 200 Reserve Nurses nationwide. These are Med Surg positions, 66H. My Battalion is taking 41 of the 200 Reserve Nurses. With Specialty Nurses the numbers differ. They can also request an exception to the numbers allowed and even bring in say 53 Active Duty Nurse. The same goes for Specialty Nurses. Because of the economy and the limited number of Nurse slots they are being more selective in their selections. GPA and work experience can sometimes be the difference. Also, because of the amount of younger Nurses applying it seems to have taken a hit on the amount of older Nurses they are selecting. This could just be a coincidence because as Recruiters we are NOT told WHY they either select or NON select the applicants. So I couldnt say that age is a factor. I have put in Nurses in their upper 40s with no prior service into the Reserves. The cut off for Active Duty is 42 unless you are a Physician or Dentist. If you have Active Duty years (prior service) then you can still submit your packet for consideration. Say you are 47 with 6 years Active Duty, you are really 41 for Military Age. Its because they want to ensure that you are going to be able to get a retirement.

For those Nurses out there that are interested in getting their Masters in Public Health, Psych or Anesthetist then the Army will pay you $2060 per month while you are attending school. During this time you are NON DEPLOYABLE since you are a student in a student status option. Your payback will be 1 year for every 6 months that you collect the $$$. You can also qualify for $50k student loan repayment. So, you would get paid to get your MSN then serve your payback time and then the Army would pay off your student loans (minus interest, late fees and penalties if accrued). Some hospitals will also pay you extra if your going to school. Not a bad option : )