How Competitive is the Army Nurse Corps

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Hello Everyone,

I've seen a few posts about the Army Nurse Corps but none expressing how competitive it is. I am a currently a student and will be graduating in July of 2011 with my BSN. Besides the current atmosphere as far as finding a job, I really want to be in the Army Nurse Corps. The new nurse program sounds great, and I could really see myself devoting my life (or a significant chunk) to the service. So with how difficult it was to get into nursing school I was wondering how difficult is it to get into the ANC new nurse program? I am especially worried because I am a little older, I will be 30 when I graduate. I have a lot to offer, but will this stand in my way? Thanks everyone,


It's competitive now with high retention, lots of applicants combined with applicants who have nursing and / or military experience. The board meets November to select applicants. I would say at this time you should look for a civilian job and start your packet for the following year's selection board as the packet takes a while to put together.

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Oh I've been working on this since March and minus one small detail, my packet is ready to be put in. I'm a returned Peace Corps Volunteer so I know how these application processes work :lol2: I'm just wondering what my odds are and if the age thing will hurt me. Thanks for your help!

Age wont' hurt.. talk to your recruiter. It is a somewhat objective point bases system.. w/o nursing experience or military experience the 'word' is you will likely not be picked up. I recommend gaining experience (they consider that 6mo) and apply for next year. Opinions will vary by user! best of luck


I actually just met with my recruiter today to sign my package and get it sent off for the November 16th board! SO EXCITED! He told me they are taking 100 applicants, which to me sounds crazy competitive because that is nationwide.

I am going to be graduating May 2011 with my BSN--No prior military or nursing experience. I am a traditional undergrad student so I am a total newbie. I expressed my concerns with not getting accepted and he told me (but it might his job) that he think I have a good chance. Being young and not having "bad habits" will look good and they will like that. I am really curious to see how many people are actually applying.

It is scary that is so competitive but we can only hope for the best!

Hi, I'm a little lost and reading this post is making me worried! When you guys say competitive, are you guys talking about the qualifying for the loan repayment or just joining to be a RN? I thought they would accept all qualifying RNs? Please answer! Thanks!

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Competitive in terms of just joining to be an RN.

My recruiter says they are only accepting 100 BSNs nation wide this year (Nov. board)... not sure about specialty nurses. It is very competitive.

That sucks, I would expect the Army to accept all RNs. I wonder why they would only want a certain amount of nurses...

Hmmm...considering that the military commissions nurses all the way to age seems like it needs all the help it can get!

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I think fewer RNs are leaving the military due to the economy, so the need has decreased.

Hmmm...considering that the military commissions nurses all the way to age seems like it needs all the help it can get!

Your assumption is way off. Retention is at a high + higher recruiting from previous years combined with that higher retention has led to a very competitive entry into the military as an RN.

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