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I am going to be graduating in May of 2011 with my BSN in the hopes I can get into the military and work as a military nurse!

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  1. KristaD

    Anyone traveling to NCH in Naples this winter?

    Hey!! So I came across NCH seasonal nursing jobs a few months ago and have been thinkin about it ever since but wasn't sure if this was a good opportunity. Plus I didn't want to get stuck down there for 6 months by myself with nothing to do!! How many of you are officially going? Also, I'm curious how this housing works since it sounds like I would be applying late? I thought they gave an $800 stipend, was I mistaken? Thanks for any input!!!
  2. KristaD

    ANC Nov Board & M5 ID

    So they won't be taking anyone graduating this coming May 2011? I still haven't heard from my recruiter either...I am thinking it won't be good news :S
  3. KristaD

    ANC Nov Board & M5 ID

    I haven't heard from my recruiter either and I am getting really worried...and ANXIOUS!! I just want the results already...Everyone keeps telling me no news is good though. I guess that's one way to look at it!
  4. KristaD

    ANC Nov Board & M5 ID

    Oh my gosh that is a LOT of applicants?!?! Is the the number FOR SURE?! My recruiter originally told me that there were 100 spots available but now I keep hearing there are only 50. Over 400 applicants in NUTS!
  5. KristaD

    ANC Nov Board & M5 ID

    Congrats to both of you!!!! That is so exciting!!! I am going nuts here knowing people are finding out left and right!!!!!!!