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  1. thanks.
  2. Hi, I'm planning on joining the military, specifically the Army because they have a "better" loan repayment program. Up to 120k supposedly. I'm not joining anytime soon I'm starting the BSN program in April but I just want to see my options ahead of time. I'm going to attend West Coast University and my tuition is around ~$85k I'm not doing it for the money, but the branch with the better loan repayments... I'm there! *The question* Is for the nurses who got accepted into the Army Nurse Corp... if you don't mind, would you tell me how much did they offer for loan repayment? If youre from another branch, I don't mind your information either :) Thanks.
  3. skandy

    How Competitive is the Army Nurse Corps

    Well this is really bad news for me... my plan was to join as soon as I was licensed RN. I would never imagine the military not accepting all applicants.
  4. skandy

    How Competitive is the Army Nurse Corps

    That sucks, I would expect the Army to accept all RNs. I wonder why they would only want a certain amount of nurses...
  5. skandy

    How Competitive is the Army Nurse Corps

    Hi, I'm a little lost and reading this post is making me worried! When you guys say competitive, are you guys talking about the qualifying for the loan repayment or just joining to be a RN? I thought they would accept all qualifying RNs? Please answer! Thanks!
  6. skandy

    Funny/crazy mnemonics

    May OFFEND some people but here it is! The funny perverted ones are easier to remember. lol 12 cranial nerves: One Of Our Teachers Touched And Felt Virgin Girl's Vagina And Hymen And the one I made up... which REALLY helped me was The(Trapezium) Tranny(Trapezoid) Cut(Capitate) His(Hamate) Penis(Pisiform) To(Triquetrium) Look(Lunate) Sexy(Scaphoid)
  7. skandy

    I got a job... & it didn't take long

    +1 for post above I want to know too lol
  8. Good info to know!
  9. +111111 for the :hug:above.
  10. skandy

    Experiences Taking A&P Online?

    Good luck! I can never take science courses online...
  11. skandy

    Advice For The New Nurse Entering Med-Surg

    Mann I'm soo glad I stumbled on this thread... I'm not a nurse yet but I want to be in this field. Thanks!!
  12. skandy

    Can I afford West Coast university??

    @ Annie How come the Army didnt accept the RN/BSN?!? Because I'm transferring to WCU and joining the the army for their loan repayment program. This was my ultimate goal LOL. Dannng I'm screwed..
  13. skandy

    Comparing prereqs to nursing school

    Yea, thanks for the quick replys! I already finish my english courses...I just hated writing.
  14. Hi, I'm currently taking anatomy and physiology. I hope this has not been ask yet,but I was wondering how hard is nursing school compared to the prereqs like A&P/biochem/microbio...Is the level of difficulty the similiar or totally different? ...and I also wanted to know if theres a lot of essay writing involved. Thanks in advance.
  15. skandy

    RN's critcal thinking

    That was a really GOOOD explanation lol. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.
  16. skandy

    RN's critcal thinking

    Hi I was wondering what are some examples of critical thinking nurses have to deal with on a daily bases? Is there a difference between LVNs and RN critical thinking? I know I cant compare it but I was really bad at critical thinking for my college english class LOL.. and my other question is if a RN with a bachelors would have more work/responsibilty than a RN with an associate. Thanks in advance you guys been a lot of help!