How did you choose your online RN to BSN completion program?

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I am looking to start an RN to BSN program online. I have 2 schools I am looking at. Chamberlain and Aurora University. Both are 100% online programs.

If you have taken an online RN to BSN program, what made you choose the school you did? How long did it take you? Were you happy with the program? If you could go back and pick a different school, would you?

I am in the process of having my transcripts evaluated to see what my individual needs are and I am excited to get started. I have got my 2 children through college and my husband will be completing his degree in the next 2 months (never say your too old for school!) and it is time for me to get back to the books and get my BSN. Maybe one day an MSN?? DNP?? They really mean it when they say we nurses are lifelong learners!

I welcome your thoughts!


I went with Grand Canyon University (GCU) as the price was decent, liked the 5 weeks classes and they didnt hound me! Some schools emailed and called me over and over again! And I found a few GCU threads on allnurses and the reviews were pretty favorable. Now that GCU has changed their capstone class to 10 weeks and all the content, not sure I would recommend it. If I had to do it again, I would look at and Capella as they seem to be very flexible. I had looked at Chamberlain, but I believe it was very $$$$$$. I think GCU cost me around $18000 altogether and u can find many schools for far less $$$$$

Factors of Importance for me were:

1) CCNE accreditation!!!!!

2) 12 month or less completion time

3) Price! less than $12,000

4) Ease of program (never done distance learning before)

5) NO to VERY MINIMAL group projects

6) Reputation & NCLEX pass rate (verified on BON website)

7) NO chemistry requirement

8) NO routine/regular clinical rotations

9) Actual Brick&Mortar physical location

10) No harassing recruiter phone calls!!

i have found a program that fits those needs. bit i am still researching.

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There's also Capella University which is CCNE accredited.

I chose based on price, ease of applying to the program, number of courses I'd need to complete coming with a previous Bachelor's degree and accreditation. But the primary choice was price based!

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I chose for:



12 start dates per year

no discussion postings

no group projects

1:1 mentoring support

ability to move at my own speed

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Make yourself a spreadsheet with all the pertinent info: cost per credit hour, how many credits to completion, accreditation (I wanted CCNE or ACEN as well as regional accredition), potential start dates, length of classes, and any other criteria that are important to you. I have other criteria to add as a veteran - discounted tuition, Yellow Ribbon program, etc. But making a spreadsheet has always helped me narrow down my choices.

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WGU. Cheap, accredited, finished in six months for my RN-BSN. 1.5 Years for my MSN.

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Some of these 12 month online commercial schools though, would one have trouble getting into a NP/CRNA program with them?

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I didn't. I just graduated FNP school, passed my test, and am working as a Family Nurse Practitioner. All of which was done through "for profit", "online" schools. I did my BSN and MSN through . My post-masters cert through Kaplan, which is now Purdue Global.

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Congratulations that's good to hear.

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I really think what matters is that you make sure you go to an accredited school. Getting a job afterwards is about passing the test and selling yourself.

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