How can you say you're not paid well?

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I couldn't do 50-60 hrs. a week in my position, clinical work in a hospital is very hard on your body, if I didn't work out in a gym 3 days a week I wouldn't be able to do my job, I work nites for the money and also my sanity

Administration of healthcare is too unrealistic to me, they stay in the office

and off the battlefield where the reality of nursing begins and never stops.

I sometimes do 8-12 hrs. OT a month, but no more than that. I became a nurse because I want to be where the action is and I'm always up for the next challenge. I am in my mid 50's and will probably remain on the floor until I am 60, then supervise, but I hope to remain in the hospital working until I retire. :) By the way I chose not to further my degree because as you say, it doesn't pay, If I go back to school it will be for something other than nursing. :) I currently hold an assoc. degree in nursing.

I always go to the Gym immediately after work, for a good 2 hour work out. This is routine for me. I dont think about going home untill Ive worked out and relaxed.

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How many hours a week do you work?

Believe me, I make closer to a 6 figure salary on 40 hrs. a week on a stepdown unit w/ no OT. :)

Actually, only a little OT, I seriuosly dont let anything interfere with my private life, particularly my GOLF


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I see you're a nursing student malusport? Come back in about 5 years after you've worked your *** off with no breaks. Then ask that question....


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Could someone please explain to me why the nurses are complaining that they're not being pad well. In case my math is wrong this is the figure that I come up with.

3 day/12 hour shift at average $28/hr in New York

12 hours *$28=$336 per day*3 days $1008 per week* 52 Weeks that's $52,416 per year......that's just the average in New York. If you do 4 days you pull in almost $70,000.

So, what the all the complaining about not getting paid? I just don't understand.

Am I missing something?


PS: I didn't even include any sign on bonus or night differential pay.

Right. Now then. Back to reality. Take out taxes, look at the cost of living in New York, and consider that nurses are responsible for their patients LIVING OR DIEING, not to mention the stress that just might be involved in that, and you might have a clue. When you go work 48 hrs (4-12 hr shifts) a week as a nurse, on a unit, in New York, then you may have an idea of nurse's might be complaining about. Just another shining example of how empathy can NOT be learned.

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What was that phrase that our instructors used to tell us in class? Oh yes!! "There are no stupid questions".

Apparently the OP didn't understand about the pay, so they asked a question. Yes, they will find out how the pay might not balance out with the cost of living, etc., but is that a reason to be attacking about it?


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I don't mean to be nitpicky here, but the price for a house like you describe would run more like 6 or 7 times the purchase price you paid (in the metro areas, at least, and as the urban sprawl continues, more and more of CA is being consumed into metro areas). I only point it out to further emphasize for the OP (who may not even be even be reading posts at this point) how easy it is to say we're not paid well!

I knew it was expensive out there, had not realized that it had gotten to be that much more. Texas has warm weather most of the year, too. If you can get past the lack of beaches, it's cheaper down here.


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I knew it was expensive out there, had not realized that it had gotten to be that much more. Texas has warm weather most of the year, too. If you can get past the lack of beaches, it's cheaper down here.

Arkansas is pretty cheap - all the way around! As an LPN, I make the average wages that a male waiter makes per day in one of our better restaurants.

FYI: In the state of Arkansas, a woman only earns 72 cents for every dollar that a man earns. Now does THAT seem fair? I urge you all to visait and check out the information on Equal Pay Day coming up this'll be amazed at some of the differences between male/female salaries!

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