How can I assist a nurse under stress?


hi yall!

let me introduce you to matthew. matt is doing his senior project on stress in the nursing profession. he would like to get some feed back from us.'s matthew....................................i have grown up around nursing all my life, my mother is a nurse and my new step father is a nurse and i see first hand the stress they bring home from work. over time i have wanted to find a way to help, though i have'nt been very sucessesful. any infromation would help both personally in my every day life and professionally with my senior project. thank you ahead of time for all the info.


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Review coping skills?


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Surprise them..with a meal, few loads of laundry washed/folded, house vacuumed. Nursing is stressful-a bit of kick back time, w/o doing chores can help...

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Thats a very good idea, and one that i try to preform when ever i can. As the oldest brother in the house i try to take care of my younger brothers to ease the stress on my mother but i could probly do more. Thank you for the input.

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hey yall!

thanks for your input thus far!

let me expand on this original question and get the skinny! how can we all help each other while experiencing stress on the job.....what are some of your personal stress busters?? thanks and back to matthew...................................:D:yeah:

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Good coffee, healthy snacks, team work.

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A lot.

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thanks again all of you! we are logging off for tonight! have a great night! peace:yawn:


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Offer help, praise, credit where credit is due. And mostly lots and lots of humor.


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Definately humor!!! Laugh ALOT.

Taking care of the caregiver.... helping with meal prep....clean it together, and do it as a surprise.

A good foot massage upon arrival at home...PRICELESS. A glass of wine to sip during the massage, icing on the cake.

Getting homework done with minimal "nagging"

Quiet time

Just listen, don't offer advise or try to "Fix It"

Are you for hire?:jester:

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hey yall!

thanks again for the great responses! matthew says he is for hire btw! i will leave this open for the length of my shift so he and you all can continue this conversation and have a few chuckles! you all are so roght that humor even our " sick" kind of humor is soooooo very important to us all! thanks again and's matthew...............................................

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Any help with housework, yard work is always so nice, nothing like getting home and be able to sleep!

Honestly, for me the best thing is getting a hug from my son (He's 2) and when I come home and get a hug and a "Hi Mommy!" All the stress melts away.

I hope my son grows up to be as considerate and compassionate! Even if you do absolutely nothing, your parents are lucky to have you!