How do you afford /pay for school?

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Just wondering how everyone finances their education?

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Private LVN program (2005): financed with a private Sallie Mae career training loan

Private LPN-to-RN completion program (2010): financed with Stafford govt. student loans

Pizza Delivery!!! As well as my parents..

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A small portion is covered through grants/scholarships. The rest is financed through Stafford loans.

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I receive HOPE Grant / Scholarship and Pell Grant. That covers all of my school expsenses and I have a few hundred left over per month after that. Haven't had a need for a loan (knock on wood).

Loans and hubby since I don't work. Finding deals on books and supplies and a budget.

Pell grant and scholarships. I have worked hard to maintain a 4.0 since I started college. Between grants and scholarships, my tuition is paid for. I have to take out loans for fees and books because I go to an expensive private school. Unfortunately, it is the only BSN program in the area. I would rather go to a cheaper, state school if I had the option.

My parents pay for my tuition and the majority of my books... but I babysit 10 hours per week so I can pay for school supplies and sometimes used books :)

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Loans, loans, and did I say loans...only because I don't qualify for state/federal grants since I have a bachelors degree already in social work which sucks, but I am paying for all my books, uniforms, medical and background clearances and other supplies out of pocket since I'm working full time right now. Luckly most of the things im getting now will be following me through my nursing program because I'm tryna work part time through my nursing program. But anyway good luck to everyone in nursing school as well as financing your programs :-D

Pell grant, cal grant, board of governors waiver for tuition. Whatever grants don't cover is out of pocket. This is for an ASN program at a community college.

For the nursing program, my school has a loan forgiveness program through the hospital system we're affiliated with. If you get hired within the system within 6 months of graduation (the majority of those who do the loan forgiveness program DO get hired), they forgive 80% of a semester every 4 months. It's a 5 semester program so after working for a year and a half, I will only owe around $3000. I've been in school off and on since 1987; I've paid cash for all of my classes and books up until now.

I get a full Pell Grant and qualify for College Bound Nebraska which waives my tuition. Depending on how many credit hours I have, I usually have a couple hundred left over which goes to books. I'm lucky that I receive as much help as I get. Many people aren't so lucky.

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