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48 hours for quick results??

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Hello, I'm new to this site. I took my test on 3/4/16 at 0800. Test day was a Friday. Right now it is Sunday so it is just about 48 hours. I want to see my test results but I also don't think I will be finding out today because it said 48 BUSINESS hours... I'm doubting that Saturday or Sunday are business hours. Does anyone know more about this?

This was my 3rd time taking the NCLEX RN. The first 2 times I took the test it took me all 265 questions and 4+ hours. This last time I took the test, it shut off on me at 75 questions and a little over a hour. I never tried the pearson vue trick on my first 2 tries. So I'm not sure how accurate the trick is, but after I got done taking the exam I tried the PVT (and multiple times up til now) I keep getting the "good pop up." I'm just so nervous... can anyone enlighten me on what they know about the 48 hours over the weekend? or the PVT and how accurate it is.

I took the NCLEX-RN on a Thursday and didn't bother with the quick results. I just started looking myself up on my state's license verification search. I had a license number before 0600 on that Saturday.

I tested on a Saturday and my results were up on my state's BoN website by 8:00 Sunday morning. Weekends don't matter.

Like the others said, start checking your state's BON website and see if your license # pops up. Mine showed up w/in 48 hours of taking the test.

i tested on a Thursday at 8 am and finished the test at 9:26am. On Saturday my quick results were available at 9:00am. My license number wasn't posted until that Tuesday so i had to rely on the quick results until my number was posted.

I found out this morning almost exactly 24 hours! I passed!!! :)

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I took my test Thursday and my license number was up on the state board of nursing by Friday evening!! I live in Maryland


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i took my exam too on 3/4/16.. i finished the 265 and i passed

Took my test 3/5/16 with 75 questions.

Quick result this morning said I have to pay $7.50 to see if I passed or not.

I thought I'm not spending just to know I didn't pass my exam. Went to my board of nursing roster and saw my name listed.