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In my state, we are now required to complete 20 hours of CEU before our next license renewal is up. This is new to me. Any advice on how to get these? What about costs? Or does anyone know any online places to go to get these without costing a small fortune? :rolleyes:


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Check out http://www.pearlsreview.com. They cost about 29.00 for a year, unlimited CE. I use them. There are also alot of free CEU's on the internet, just type in free nursing CEU on google. Good luck! It isn't hard to get them. I am a member of AACN and I get free Nursing CE from them as well.


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Medscape have free CEU's as well,with printable certificates.

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This is just one place that offers continuing nursing education. Check out the Unlimited CE for $39.95/year. Do you work in a hospital? If so, contact your education department. Many hospitals are able to provide approved continuing nursing education hours (especially in a state that requires it for licensure).

One word of caution...before you invest time & money, find out more from your BON. Ours spells out what types of programs are and AREN'T acceptable as continuing education. So be an informed consumer! Once you know what your BON wants, then review the accreditation statements of CE programs before purchasing.

Texas requires 20 hours & it's really not that difficult. And besides...you might learn something! :nurse:

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only 20? california has required 30 hours of ceus since 1975 or somewhere around there. contact your state board for a list of providers. now that your state requires this you and every other licensed nurse in your state will get put on the mailing list of all kinds of home nursing continuing education companies. watch. your facility should come up with some free ceus for you also as a benefit of employment--hit them up about this. the nursing journals (nursing, rn, ajn) have monthly ceu articles, many of which you can access online if you don't subscribe to their journals. i like to do a home course to get my ceu requirement out of the way. here are some of the online ceu companies i have weblinks to:


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www.aacn.org has free unlimited CEU's if you are a member. The above post from sjt is correct, make sure your credits are from approved providers or of the correct category.

one magazine article is usually 1 credit, sometimes 2, so you are reading 10-20 articles...manageable.

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My hospital does the pearls....it's a good way to do online stuff for CEUs.

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