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  1. icunurse36

    Plans of a new ICU nurse. ICU Manager please help!!

    Hi: Have you thought about seeing if you can stay in the hospital in an empty bed somewhere instead of driving 2 hours each way? What about moving there temporarily for the next year?
  2. icunurse36

    Online ACLS Renewal

    Hey: Where I used to work, we did reimburse them if it was required for their jobs. I mean, what is the difference between the online and the live? As long as it is the American Heart Assn course (not those lame companies that say that they are AHA affililiated), then give them the 8 hours for renewal and 12 hours for initial, provided they give you a completion certificate. The only recognized course we use is the http://www.onlineaha.org site. (The official AHA site that requires a skill validation with an ACLS instructor). The course cost is 120.00. We used Healthstream, and ACLS is online there now as well. All of the other "ACLS" renewals online do not require skill validation and are not AHA courses. ICU
  3. icunurse36

    CPR Certification

    Hey: Go to http://www.onlineaha.org and take the online BLS course for Healthcare providers. It only costs 17.50 and then on the website you can find out who is an AHA instructor and do a skill validation. You do the course and test online and then do a skills validation with an instructor...usually costs about 20.00 or so. Good luck icu
  4. Hey All: Anyone going to NTI in May of 2009? I will be there and would like to meet up with others from Allnurses. Chris
  5. icunurse36

    Anyone else studying for CCRN exam?

    Hey cardiac nurse: I have both. I know it sounds like a lot but I first bought the audio CD's the first time that I took the exam (I have renewed 2 times by exam, 2 times by CEU) but then I bought the DVD and I learned a lot from that too. I would probably say that the audio CD is more practical for the reasons that you stated. It is easy to pop in the CD player in the car or at workouts. I have listened to it over and over and over. I think that is the key....repeating it over and over. It drills it into your head. I have her book too, to do the practice questions. Of course, you also need to review AACN's Core Curriculum book as the exam is from that. I have to say that I am a nerd....I have the Pass CCRN book and the AACN's CCRN review course as well. They all give a different experience. The reason I like the AACN's version is that is has a lot of patho, whereas, Gasparis is down and dirty info. You know what I mean? I like the Pass CCRN book just because it is cool....but it is pretty hard in some places. Whichever one you choose, just remember what the other posters stated...Rome wasn't built in a day....take your time and keep repeating the lessons. I gave myself 4 months before the exam to practice each week for 4 hours. I set it aside and did it. No more and no less....that way I could concentrate on it and then go about my life. Good luck to you! Chris
  6. icunurse36

    20 hours of CEU?

    Hey: Check out http://www.pearlsreview.com. They cost about 29.00 for a year, unlimited CE. I use them. There are also alot of free CEU's on the internet, just type in free nursing CEU on google. Good luck! It isn't hard to get them. I am a member of AACN and I get free Nursing CE from them as well. Chris
  7. icunurse36

    Role for E-learning in staff development

    Hi: We use Healthstream for our hospital as well. I love it...It has its bugs and stuff but so much better than Net Learn as far as the interface is concerned, in my opinion. We also supplement with Pearlsreview.com. It costs the hospital about 1600.00 for 250 students.. Great product, everyone loves it. It is an online CEU company for nurses. icunurse36
  8. icunurse36

    travel nurse jobs in Pensacola or Destin, Florida

    Hey: We have alot of travelers where I work at Gulf Coast Medical Center in Panama City, FL (about 45 minutes east of Destin). I believe they are from all different agencies but have to go through the All about Staffing company for HCA hospitals. I don't know anything further about the agency nurses, but we do use them. http://www.allaboutstaffing.com Good Luck!! I love the beach!!!! icunurse36
  9. icunurse36

    CCRN discouragement?

    Hey: I just have one comment as the others have very eloquently stated their opinions. If you have ever taken the CCRN test, you would never say to someone that this is a test someone could take if they "test well". You have to know your stuff. It was the hardest test I have ever done and I have done it 3 times. I take it to force myself to review. I hope you do take it, it was one of my most proudest moments. Even if no one else knows, you will know, that you did it!! Good luck!!! PS I recommend Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio's DVD"s and the reading the entire Core Curriculum book from AACN. Chris
  10. Hey Brian: Thanks...I was just trying to see if I didn't have to pay the 40.00 that Hilton wants per day to park!!! I think I am going to try the parking garages near the Hilton. See you at the convention!!! Thanks! Chris
  11. Hey: Anyone know which section of the McCormick Convention Center that the AACN conference is going to be in? I was going to park at the Convention center parking lot A, but I didn't know which section of the convention hall we will be in. I heard that parking at the convention center was only 16.00. Anyone been there? Can you park there 24 hours a day? Thanks, Chris
  12. Hey All: I am going to the pre-conference Crucial Conversations. Anyone else? I would love to meet ya'll on Saturday evening! LindaRN, did anyone take you up on your room thing? LOL.. My friends are coming in on Sunday from New Orleans, and we will be at the Chicago Hilton. Email me or send me a PM if you would like to meet up! Hope ya'll have great fun and learn lots! I will stop by and see Allnurses as well... Chris .
  13. Hey: I will be there too...I can't wait...I have been many times and I always have fun. I will be at the Homewood Suites. I would be kinda cool if we could all meet up somewhere for lunch or something during the conference. What do you all think? Chris
  14. Hey: Anyone going to this? I am going for the Pre-conference and the main NTI conference. Anyone else? Chris
  15. I have to say I disagree about Women's Center, the hospital where I work, they are just as busy as the med-surg floors. I do have much more respect for L&D's since coming to my area, that place is like an ER or ICU. One minute fine, next minute insane. But I do have empathy for the writer, it is sad to realize nursing and healthcare alike have changed so much. I was always bringing reality up to my nursing school instructors, after working 5 years in an ER before nursing school, I was like when is reality going to be taught here...of course...my mouth always got me in trouble then, but I am still the same way today. I am all about getting rid of crappy, burnt out nurses. I have worked with them. There are various reasons of course....Hell, myself I had to get out of ICU because I was burnt out....but you have recognize it. How much of her interaction with nurses was the burnt out ones or the overworked ones? I don't know. I know that in the ER/ICU and other critical areas, you have to keep your compassion. Once that is gone, you are toast, completely burnt out. I don't think for a second that she should have felt like she should have diagnosed the appendix issue...that is just the momma in her talking.