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Hi all! I am a nursing student who will graduate in May '06. The hospital I will be working at has a shift rotation where you work Fridays and Sundays 7a-11p. With w/e differential and part night, the money would be equal to or a bit more than working the 36-40 hr deal. Plus, I have 2 kids, both of whom will be in elementary school by then, so having M,T,W,Th & S off sounds like it would be great to be able to do things with them at school or their sports or whatever.

Anyway - question is this - do 16hr shifts suck? Do you think that it is just too many hours to work and still be able to give excellent care to you patients?

Any input is greatly appreciated!


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My brain is pretty much useless after 12-13 hrs. :yawn:


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I do 16-hr. shifts occasionally and I am WORTHLESS the next day. However, I would prefer to do 2-16's over 3-12's if I would be paid the same!


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I agree. I would much rather do 2 16's and get paid the same as 3 12's!!!!

I mean after 12 hours, another 4 really isn't that bad. I thought I would hate 12 hour shifts, but after 8 the last 4 aren't that awful..

It's still going to be a LONG day


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When I work 12's they frequently ask me to stay for an extra 4 hours. I don't very often - but sometimes I will depending on the patients I have. If you have a crappy assignment, 16 hours can be a REALLY long day.

I don't think it's safe. 12s wipe me out. I can barely add my I&O at the end. 16 hours is just longer than anyone can sustain the energy needed for professional performance and judgement. I work ICU, and maybe it's different if you're in LTC or somewhere where you're not constantly making critical decisions, but no matter what your mind will be flagging and your compassion burning out.


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I also work w/e option...6-10 s&s it is always good to have m-f off but sometimes depending on how the weekend went it is like poking yourself in the eye because it feels so good when you quit

i do not have small school age children...i wouldn't know about being away from kids all weekend...this may work out for you

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I'm done after six or seven hours myself. :chuckle


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I'm done after six or seven hours myself. :chuckle

OMG!!!! :chuckle :chuckle :rotfl:


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I'm done after six or seven hours myself. :chuckle

ditto that!


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