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I just want to take a survey. I am a brand new nurse. I just passed my NCLEX and got my first RN job this summer. The hospital that I am working hires the majority of nurses on a 72 hour per pay period contract. I assume this is to defray overtime pay. Do most of you find this as common practice? Like most students, there are the college loans to pay off. I was really hoping to get a 80 hour per pay period job. I am thankful though that I got a job considering 25% of my graduating class have found jobs. This area has curtailed drastically the number of new RN hires. Perhaps, as soon as I get a couple of monthes experience I can look for part time RN work. I was looking forward to graduating and getting a job and not having to worry so much as to my finances. But, it seems finances are going to be a concern afterall for a while. I am thinking of ways in which I can avail of some extra income. Advice? :nuke:

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The 72 hour pay period is from the 12 hour shifts. It's hard to schedule someone to come in for 4 hours each week to make up the difference.


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It's usually 72 hours because you work 3 12 hour shifts per week, and that adds up to 72 hours in 2 weeks. I still get overtime if I am asked to work an extra shift that puts me beyond 80. Or a lot of nurses just pick up 8 hours on our floor or another one that has one open. Depends on your hospital's policies.

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We do 75 hr pay periods- 6 12.5 hr shifts/period.


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Thank you for your responses. I have not done it yet, but in the near future, another nurse said I could bid for a shift at another floor for extra income. I need to check our facilities policies. I used to work in another medical field which was 80 hours per pay period. I guess once I get more experience I can bid or fill in for extra hours. What I am trying to find out is that are you nurses who work 12 hours shifts, 72 hours per pay period being paid 80 hours pay or straight hours only??..

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If you work 72 hours in a pay period you get paid for 72 hours unless you find a special program, like a Baylor program, which I've never seen or heard of in my area.

I find 72 hours a week to be plenty, in both pay and physical work done. If I get called in to work an extra shift, I usually don't even want to do it since I enjoy my time off with my family and friends, and enjoy sitting on my butt at home!! Its up to you, you may end up working on a floor that needs people to work overtime a lot. Or like where I work, if you come in for an extra shift, they will just float you where ever they need you as long as its within your scope.

Finally, in this economy, just be happy you have a job and be thankful for those 72 hours!!! A lot of people don't even have that! Depending on your hourly wage and if there is a second income in your household, 72 hours should be enough to get by.

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we have the baylor program we work 36 hours and get paid for 40 hours a week. love it .. 8 free hours a pay peroid..

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Most of the 12 hour people on our floor work either 32 or 36 houirs a week. I believe we only have 2 people on our floor that actually work 40 hours a week. Our supervisor doesn't even recommend people work 40 hours a week. I work 32 hours a week and that is plenty for me. If I worked full time, I would have been burnt out a long time ago! That's just my thoughts.


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I am it in my household. I don't have a second income. A family member has been gracious in helping me when I am short of funds to pay my bills. Thank G-d for such person. I like to be independent. So as soon as I can get a part time job I will. Like I said, I am grateful for a job, 75% of my graduating class either do not have a job, living at home, spouse is sole-earner, or working in the same job (non-nursing) that they held throughout nursing school. Such is the times we live in!


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38hrs a wk r standard for NV. I personally love it. I work my 3 days & have 4 days off (if I'm lucky enough to have 3 days in a row). My hubby & I have had some great trips b/c of this scheduling.


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