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Do many of you whom are in school, have 12 hour days?

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Clincal day yeah. First semester when we had clinical then lab yeah twelve hours was typical. Its not that bad really.

I did at the beginning of the semester when I had two classes (one of them is over now, only lasted the first 8 weeks of the semester). I had class at 10am and then clinicals until 10-11pm at night. Like the previous poster said, it wasn't that bad.

Thanks for the replies! So far I will have only one day like that once I start spring semester. I have clinical at 7am followed by the lecture part of nursing and then I will finish off with a math class.

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I had 2 12 hour days/week last semester (plus 3 hour days the other days besides weekends) and I've just gotten used to it. I take more classes (17 hours this semester) and don't work, so it's not that bad. I consider myself a full-time student so I treat it like my job. This semester I have 2 6 hour clinicals, and on one of the days I have clinical and class from 7 am to 6 pm with literally only an hour break total.

I figure it's good practice ;)

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This semester we could put in requests for either 3-8 1/2 hr shifts or 2- 12 1/2 hr shifts, I got the two 12 1/2

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Med/surg clinicals are 12 hour days for two semesters. Preceptorships are 12 hours as well.

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We will have 12 hour days when we have our practicum our last semester. Its 2 12's I think. This semester we have 6 weeks of clinical at 7 hrs per day.

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