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Hospitals hiring NEW RNs

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Hello there nursing friends!

I am just wondering if anyone knows which hospitals in the DC metro area are hiring NEW RNs. I just got my RN license yesterday in PA and I am looking to relocate to DC this summer/fall. I have been applying to places (in DC area and PA) since March-ish, and I have been getting tons of rejections. I understand that this is going to happen because I am a new nurse and it's a tough economy. Regardless, between all of the rejections and seeing "sorry we don't hire new graduates" on hospital websites, I'm getting frustrated! I would appreciate any insight regarding this dilemma :) Thanks in advance for your help!


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many of the new grad programs around here hire between December-April. Most of these programs will be starting up soon and are therefore full. That's my experience anyways with the DC hospitals that do hire new grads.

Having a DC license will probably help too

Eric Cartman

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Check out Inova health systems. I just had an interview with them and they are doing a large hire throughout their system. They are based out of Northern Virginia, but it is still basically the DC area.

Eric Cartman - I have an interview with Inova for this non-clinical position they're offering to new RN graduates (basically to get your foot in the door). What unit did you interview for? And what type of questions did they ask you?

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Washington Hospital Center has many new grad positions. I think the next cohort will start in July. I believe there are a few other programs that have new-grad stuff, check other threads in this section.

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If you're interested in rehab National Rehabilitation has a new grad program. They had an invitation only open house last Thursday. Don't know how often their new grad program occurs.



I had a interview for INOVA as well for the new grad float RN position. Try there and also look at the Virginia Government website, they're currently hiring New Grad and RN I positions.

I would like to know if anyone knows any information about Inova Fairfax Hospital new grad Rn program in the ED. Has anyone heard back from them? Know when the program starts? How long is the program? Any details on the program in general would be great. Thanks in advance for your help.


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