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I am orienting with Hospice next week and I am very excited. I will be doing per diem 1-2 days a week to start. I'm sure I have alot to learn....... Wish me luck! Blessings,... Read More

  1. by   love4neos
    Wow, you sound tired. I just started with hospice about 5 weeks ago. I absolutely love it, but it is set up much differently than where you work. First, they provide us a beeper and cell phone, we don't see the bill at all. They reimburse us 34.5 cents per mile we drive. We go a 50 mile radius around, so you can put a lot of miles on the car. Staff RNs do not take any call during the week after 5pm, they have certain nurses that take that call. On the weekends, an LPN takes primary call (making 7.81 just to hold the pager for 64 hrs!!!) and 1 RN is on backup call. The RN hardly gets called, only if there is something the LPN can't handle/do, or if the pager goes off x2 at the same time!! The pay isn't bad but it's not great, but it beats not dreading work. I love this new position so much I look forward to working, the pay just seems like an extra!!!
  2. by   aimeee
    Love4neos, glad to hear things are working out well for you. Sounds like a pretty good setup. I think it would be great if our organization could get to the point where we had no call duty for our regular nurses during the week. We do have a number of prn people now sharing call and that has really helped out a lot.

    Cargal, I hope that your organization has company provided cell service at the top of their priority list. Ours are provided. Sounds like your patients are really spread out and there is not much to do about that. You DO get reimbursed for mileage, don't you? I know with the way gas prices go sometimes it doesn't keep pace with inflation.

    There IS a lot of teaching. And families can be very challenging. But the rewards are great too and as time goes by and you gain experience, I think you will find it does get easier. Remember to speak up if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed. I'm sure your supervisor wants the best for both you and your patients/families and you can best achieve that with a manageable load.
  3. by   jnette
    hmmmmmmm... this is the other one I've contemplated for a long time. Home Health and/or Hospice.

    For some reason, deep down in my soul I feel I'm hospice material. Just that lingering feeling.. more than "feeling".. almost a 'knowing". Please keep posting, as I have a couple years yet before I can make a move to either.

    These threads and posts are a big help in giving me the info I need to make an informed decision in the future !

    Thank You !
  4. by   cargal
    Yep, I am tired, and I do love it! I do think they should provide the cell phone. They are non-profit and probably never will. I do think if we were a company of men they would give us cells! And lov4neos is right, it does beat dreading a job. I just need to make a move to a better cell program.
  5. by   aimeee
    Jnette, what is keeping you from making a move now?
  6. by   live4today
    Best of everything cargal! Hospice is a wonderful area of nursing to be involved in, and a tough one at times. I wish you well! You'll be great at it, I'm sure.
  7. by   renerian
    Cargal I am glad you love your job! I love mine as well.

  8. by   CoffeeRTC
    Cargal... I'm not sure what part of Pa you're in, but have you considered a Cricket Phone? My hubby is constantly on his cell phone for his job and the bill is only around 45$ a month... no more $200 bills... just a thought! congrats on finding a job you like..
  9. by   sanakruz
    I'm glad youre back here with us Carrie!
  10. by   cargal
    Yep, Michelle,have considered Cricket, but not sure about the reliability. Looking into TMoblile - 2500 anytime minutes for $99.00, with Hospice agreeing to $50 cell reimbursement and $50 home phone and will do both since I am wireless! So theoretically it will be paid for. Also a promise from the supervisor that she is looking into a work only cell program.
    Great to hear from all. It is iimportant to me to talk to yunz all from time to time! Thanks for the support!

  11. by   jnette
    Originally posted by aimeee
    Jnette, what is keeping you from making a move now?
    The dialysis facility I work at now (the Company that owns all our facilities) paid for my schooling... in return I had to promise to give them two years. Can't complain, I love what I do, and dearly love our patients.. this is my sixth year at my unit... but just graduated as RN in Dec. and licenced this March.. so I have to wait awhile if I decide to do sth. different. Have always been drawn to hospice, however... HH is another I have considered, but hospice still has the stronger tug....
  12. by   aimeee
    Jnette--That is cool that they paid for your schooling! What a deal!

    Cargal--we have company provided cell phones but we can use them for personal calls as well if we kick in an extra 5 bucks a month, but this does not include any long distance.
  13. by   Agnus
    I haven't oriented yet but the cell phone thing was right at the top of my list of questions for the interview. But I did not have to ask as they volunteered that the company reimburses you. I also asked about travel pay and milage. (I worked home health as a CNA so I kind of new to ask about this) My company reimburses 36 cents per mile and does not give travel pay. On call is $5 and hour and IF you are called you get time and a half and are guarenteed at least 2 hours work. Per deim and regulars all take call.
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