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Here's the situation summary: I am a prospective ABSN student and I have heard that it's a terrible idea to have a job while in these programs (is this true?). my top choice school does not have on-campus housing and I am really unsure of whether or not i will be approved for a lease without having a job while at school. I know the tuition can be covered by loans, but how are people paying for rent/getting approved for leases without having a job while attending BSN programs? Any insights/experiences would be wonderful, I will love any/all advice!!!

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If you are talking about working during clinicals, that might be a challenge if your job was shift work, late, right before a clinical. I had students and currently have students, who do work...both in a ABSN program as well as in BSN.

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I worked two 12 hr night shifts (fri and Sat.) during my ABSN program. It is not ideal, but it is doable.

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It depends on how accelerated your program is... My "accelerated" BSN program was 21 months and I was able to work 2-3 12 hour shifts a week just fine. But some accelerated programs are only 12 months long and I imagine it would be very difficult to work during a program that intense.

Only you know what you can handle. Some hospitals have CNA type positions available to nursing students after the complete Fundamentals, and usually by that time you've developed a study routine and know what you can handle. Good luck.

I would suggest working prior to the beginning of the program so you can be approved for your lease.

If it's possible, get your parents to co-sign?

It's definitely possible to work, I'm assuming you don't have children which will make it a lot easier.

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It's going to be tough, I would recommend applying to a program that is an easy commute from home if that's an option for you. Most ABSN programs that I have explored highly recommend that students do not work during the program because they are highly intensive and require many many hours of studying, and clinical rotation hours can change constantly. I understand your struggle though, I would love to sign a lease somewhere closer to the school I will be going to, but sadly I will be living at home for those 16 months, commuting to Boston which is ~40 min away from where I live.

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