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  1. gopats1234

    Registered Nurse or Special Education Teacher

    I recently decided to pursue a career in nursing. I was more on the track to become a special ed teacher or work in disability services at the college level. I decided to apply for an accelerated BSN program, got into one of my top schools and am starting in 2 weeks! I don’t necessarily have advice for you because I’m not even a nursing student yet but I understand how it feels being torn between two careers that are both rewarding and challenging. I decided to pursue nursing because I knew I wanted to work in a caring profession and wanted to work with a more diverse population rather than just people with disabilities / special needs. I have a brother with Down syndrome so my path to special education was paved early on but I am excited that I chose something more broad and fitting to my character as a whole. Go with your gut, it wouldn’t hurt to just explore different programs in your area and perhaps take a few classes online if you decide to apply (there are prerequisites you have to take in order to apply). Best of luck!
  2. gopats1234

    MGH IHP ABSN Summer 2019

    This is really kind of you!! Do you have any tips for our incoming cohort? Like studying, exam-taking tips, any sort prep before starting, etc. I want to be as prepared as possible as I know it’s a challenging program. Looking back, would you say you are satisfied with your education at IHP and do you feel they prepared you well in taking on the nursing world??? Congratulations on finishing! You must be relieved- such an amazing accomplishment!!! Thanks again
  3. gopats1234

    Anyone move for an ABSN program? Is it worth it?

    I did not move for an ABSN program but i am starting an ABSN program in Massachusetts this May. I know a lot of students in my cohort are moving into the city before the program starts from other cities and states... I know a girl coming all the way from CA. If I were you, I would just apply and go from there. However I would try and map out when you would ideally move back to MA so you know which term to apply for (i.e. Summer 2020 vs. January 2021, etc). It wouldn't hurt to apply, and then just cross that bridge when you get there!! Also a lot of students moving into Boston from outside of MA are coordinating with other students to find apartments. You also could definitely find somewhere to sublet for the time being until your husband moves here with you. Don't worry!
  4. gopats1234

    MGH ABSN Summer 2019

    does anyone know when orientation is? I haven't received any email or update from MGH IHP yet and i am getting nervous
  5. gopats1234

    MGH ABSN Summer 2019

    There are only 7 reviews total and the most recent one was from almost 6 years ago... I wouldn't worry!!
  6. gopats1234

    MGH ABSN Summer 2019

    Hey! My name is Ellie I just requested to join the group Cant wait to meet you all!
  7. gopats1234

    MGH ABSN Summer 2019

    Congrats!!! Yay!!
  8. gopats1234

    MGH ABSN Summer 2019

    And it is due on Feb 28 I believe
  9. gopats1234

    MGH ABSN Summer 2019

    @DP_Nurse I will be away unfortunately but i wish i could!! Anyone interested in making us a facebook group??
  10. gopats1234

    MGH ABSN Summer 2019

    Hey everyone! I was accepted as well.. My stats were undergrad GPA of 3.22, prerequisite gpa 3.6. I majored in psychology and minored in business. Scored a 78 on the TEAS. No clinical experience, just 6-7 years working in special education and disability services. Beyond excited to start in May!! Also - is there an accepted FB group? Hoping to hear from MGH about an accepted students day or something similar
  11. gopats1234

    MGH IHP ABSN Summer 2019

    If we received a scholarship would we receive an email from the financial aid office or a letter?
  12. gopats1234

    MGH IHP ABSN Summer 2019

    It was verified right before the holidays I believe! My application status on nursingCAS still said "verified." Not sure if that will change, but I got the official email from IHP yesterday morning stating that I was accepted. I wouldn't religiously check your nursingCAS status because it looks like decisions are communicated by IHP directly, not through nursingCAS.. I could be wrong though?
  13. gopats1234

    MGH IHP ABSN Summer 2019

    I submitted the application mid December. I received an email yesterday morning! Good luck crcse, let us know when you hear back!
  14. gopats1234

    MGH IHP ABSN Summer 2019

    Hey guys! Looks like commenting is back! I got my acceptance email yesterday, anyone else?! I am so excited!!!
  15. gopats1234

    MGH IHP ABSN summer 2019

    I got my acceptance email yesterday!! Anyone else??
  16. gopats1234

    UMass Boston ABSN Summer 2019

    I was also waitlisted :/

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