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  1. RissLilly94


    I actually love Birkenstock sandals which is why I thought it may be a good fit! I would normally just wear sneakers but my program requires that we wear nonslip black or white leather or any noncanvas/waterproof shoe with a back. The requirements make it a little harder to shop for comfort
  2. RissLilly94


    hi everyone! in need of some desperate help and opinions finding good nursing shoes. I'm on my fourth week of nursing school and my current shoes aren't even getting me through my 3 hours labs. I bought Danskos because of the reviews and my right foot has never been in so much pain from minimal standing. Ive had multiple surgeries over my 1st MTP and talus and the danskos push right into those areas on me. does anybody have thoughts on Birkis by Birkenstock? wondering if they're worth the money or just go with crocs? any other suggestions?
  3. RissLilly94

    MCPHS-Manchester Spring 2019

    hey! i would have sent a pm but the site won't let me since I'm "new", i was just curious if you ever ended up applying or if you heard back?
  4. RissLilly94

    hopeful future nurse, advice needed!

    Here's the situation summary: I am a prospective ABSN student and I have heard that it's a terrible idea to have a job while in these programs (is this true?). my top choice school does not have on-campus housing and I am really unsure of whether or not i will be approved for a lease without having a job while at school. I know the tuition can be covered by loans, but how are people paying for rent/getting approved for leases without having a job while attending BSN programs? Any insights/experiences would be wonderful, I will love any/all advice!!!
  5. RissLilly94

    MCPHS Worcester, insights?

    from what i've heard, most of the issues are with the Boston campus rather than the Worcester. I don't personally know anybody that's been through the program but I know a few nurses in the area that speak highly of MCPHS in general, but again, not sure which program they were more familiar with
  6. RissLilly94

    MCPHS Spring 2019

    Congrats!!! If you don't mind sharing, how long did it take to receive an admission decision after your application was marked as complete on your applicant portal?
  7. RissLilly94

    MCPHS Spring 2019

    has anybody been accepted to either MCPHS campus for the spring 2019 yet??
  8. RissLilly94

    MCPHS-Manchester Spring 2019

    Good luck!! I just called the admissions office yesterday to check on the application status and they said they haven't started looking at the received apps for spring yet but will soon so you've got a little time

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