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Honor Societies

by MB37 MB37 Member

I just got a letter in the mail from Phi Sigma Theta inviting me to join their honor society. While that sounds great, they want $50. When I got my first degree, I got several of these letters and couldn't afford to join any of them (I think I may have joined Golden Key, but that was it). Have any of you joined any of these? Is there any benefit when applying for jobs/grad school? Are some better than others? This one says that all nominees need only a 3.0 GPA, and that doesn't sound too prestigious to me...are these just rackets, or should a write a check for one/a few? Also, my school's website has a link to Sigma Theta Tau, which I think is one for nursing students. Is that worth joining if I qualify? Thanks a lot!

emtb2rn, BSN, RN, EMT-B

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Sounds like a racket. I'm very leery of any organization that doesn't actually do anything (that is, not a charity or non-profit) but wants money in order for you to join....

Achoo!, LPN

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I paid for it, but it was basically for bragging rights. Something to put on your resume that looks good.

cardiacRN2006, ADN, RN

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Me too. Also, I got a lovely stole and tassle for graduation that said honor society on it and was a different color than the rest.

And when they called my name, then menitoned that I graduated with high honors!

Well, let's say I'm going to join AN honor society. If I write this one a check, and then get 6 more in the mail next week, what do I do then? I would assume that my GPA would speak for itself if it remains high, and that I shouldn't need to pay someone for a lapel pin that certifies that my GPA is over 3.0...

cardiacRN2006, ADN, RN

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I only had one honor society associated with our school. I never received another letter.

The society did volunteer work, and stuff, like cleaned highways. If you did so many hours of volunteer work in a month, for a certain amount of months (Like 5 hours a month for 6 months) then you got the society to write you a letter of recommendation for your interviews.

The did lots of other stuff as well, it wasn't just a "send us the money and you get a pin". I actually had an induction cermony.

Achoo!, LPN

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I went to an induction ceremony as well, and will get a lapel and stole for graduation. I have not participated in the meetings and events though.

fleur-de-lis, BSN, RN

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I got that same letter from Sigma Theta Tau and ignored it. When I graduated a few weeks ago, the pinning ceremony program had my name with an asterik beside it that said "Sigma Theta Tau Member". So, I guess even without my money my grades spoke for themselves!


A friend of mine was just hired as a new grad by a hospital that no longer hires new grads because of her being on dean's list, in Phi Theta Kappa, and having a high GPA with three small children at home.

It's an honor, and opens up more scholarship possibilities.

cardiacRN2006, ADN, RN

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I went to an induction ceremony as well, and will get a lapel and stole for graduation. I have not participated in the meetings and events though.

Yea, I didn't either!


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I would at least check into it with your school. I paid for membership into one (Phi Theta Kappa) while at a community college. With that membership I was immediately offered scholarships and a spot at a 4-year institute. I do have the silly pin and the Certificate of Achievement, but it's the scholarship opportunities that convinced me!

traumaRUs, MSN, APRN, CNS

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I did join Sigma Theta Tau (btw I used to drive by their headquarters daily in Indianapolis) but what a waste of money! I got one (yes, just ONE) issue of some research journal that was so obtuse and bizarre as to be unreadable and lots of propanda to open more charge accounts. Needless to say, didn't renew this year.

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