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honestly, is nursing school plausible with a 2.2 gpa?

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I'm a recent graduate, I graduated with a BS in biology degree from a "tier 1" university, but my gpa is barely past a 2.0, (I played/made a lot of mistakes my first 2 years of college) but I really want to go to nursing school. My nursing prereqs are above 3.5, and I have not taken the HESI and the TEAS yet, but with a lot of studying, and the help of the advice in the testing forum, I plan to score very high on them. I believe I am capable...

But honestly, I'd like to know from people who are going through the admissions process how likely is it that I could get accepted into a 2nd degree/accelerated program?


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You would have to check with the school. Some go based on pure nursing gpa, some it's gpa and tests. There is no way for any of us to know. You need to look at the schools you're interested in and see what their criteria are.


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You will need to at least meet the minimum requirements in order to apply. Those vary, but the lowest I have seen is a 2.5. Some schools run off a lottery, so as long as you qualify, you're in the pot. Each school has its own criteria, so you'll really just need to do your own research, and see if there's any possibility of being able to take transferrable courses in order to boost your GPA. It may or may not help.

Also, the state in which you live can be a factor. Some are more competitive than others.

I agree with the other posters. It does depend on the school. Many of the schools I've looked at when I was prepping for undergrad required a 2.7 or higher but because it was competitive, there was hardly any way to get in with that GPA. Many programs allow only a set number of students per semester due to lack of instructors. In my own personal situation, I found that I had to retake a course or 6😓 to even be considered. Even after all that I was still not selected bc they said I had to retake the classes. It's all up to the school. Nevertheless, I've been an RN for 4yrs now. And I did fairly well. Now I'm in grad school.

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I suggest you personally speak to the nursing counselor at the school(s) that you want to apply to. I also have a 2.2gpa and asked one of the schools that I'm interested in if their is a retake policy. The nurse counselor had said they don't have a recency policy, however if the science courses are more than five years old and student wanted to repeat the course, the school would forgive the previous grades, but it will still be included in the cumulative GPA. Luckily my science courses have expired so I have a chance to improve without the penalty, but like i said before, i suggest you speak the counselors at the school you want to attend. I recently sent the counselor my unofficial transcripts to see how much of a GPA boost i need to become competitive.

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When I applied to ABSN in 2006 the lowest GPA I saw accepted was 2.5 and that was ONE school. The vast majority require a minimum of 3.0 on your first degree. So to even review you for possible acceptance you must reach the minimum. I can say with 99% certainty you are not going to get into an ABSN with a 2.2 GPA. The entire point of it is to show you are capable of intense hard work.

There are other routes for you. Look at ADN programs or just talk to advisors. See what they can help you do. The key is you will have to make a 100% change in your stufy and work habits to have any chance to make it through nursing school. I had a 3.6 GPA in my business degree and it was 100 times easier for me than the 3.3 I earned in my ABSN.

thanks to all of ya'll for your feedback! I don't want to come to terms with my reality, but I will still continue to pursue nursing until the acceptance/denial letters come in. LOL

just a update! I have gotten into 2 nursing schools so far and have an interview with another!

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just a update! I have gotten into 2 nursing schools so far and have an interview with another!

Congrats!! :up::up::up:

Keep us posted?

of course!

Wow!!! That's super impressive. For my school they take a minimum 3.8 GPA usually. Congratulations!!! I admire your positive attitude. :)


I Recently graduated with a BS in Biology as well. Same GPA. And I see you were accepted into nursing school. What advice do you have to help compensate for the low GPA?


Yes! You can do it! My academic career has been crazy I had a lot going on very young and suffice it to say my gpa suffered and school took a back seat a lot of the time, years later I am back in school full time, financially stable and had a gpa of 1.6. when I went to see my academic advisor ready and focused she practically laughed when I changed my major to nursing saying With the classes I had left aside from nursing pre req's I wouldn't be considered for a nursing program as it is super competitive! Challenge accepted: it's my second semester back in school full time I have made straight A's and my gpa is now 2.3 I still have 6 classes left and take the teas this December but I have been doing a lot of research and found ASN( ADN) programs with a 2.5 min overall gpa and one school in Tampa that req. a 2.0 gpa as they go based on nursing pre req gpa and teas score.

I would suggest to even take filler courses as this was a route a friend took and took "unchallenging" courses to get easy A's to boost up GPA.

I am hoping by the end of these next 6 classes I need my gpa is around 2.7-2.8 if so I am willing to take filler courses to bring it to a 3.0 so I can go straight into the concurrent Asn-BSN program and save myself a year but if not it's ok. Stay positive don't let people deter you with rude remarks it can be done I have seen people with 4.0's flunk out of the nursing program and people with low gpa pass it. I'll post an update in May as we have the same concerns about getting into the program

Congratulations! I am currently a Sophomore in college, and have a 2.2 because I took college classes while I was still in high school and it turned out terrible for me. Those grades are the reason why my gpa is so low. I want to become a Nurse because I've always been so passionate about helping people, but I can't help but to tell myself that will never happen with a 2.2 GPA. It's so sad and stressful to think that my dream of becoming a Nurse might never happen after all.

What school did you end up getting into?

What school did you end up getting into??? I'm having the same issues and would appreciate any info about ANY schools that will take students with a gpa lower than a 2.5!

What schools did you end up getting into? I'm getting ready to apply and would love some insight! Congrats again!!


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