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hi, i just recently graduated and took a week long kaplan class, and im not real sure if it works. i did much better on the diagnostic test than the readiness test. i was wondering if anyone that has already taken nclex and did kaplan (or did not) did it help? honestly...


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I didn't actually take the Kaplan course, I just read the first four chapters of the Kaplan RN review book, and I feel like it really did help me. I passed the NCLEX two weeks ago in 75 questions. Just use the strategies they suggest along with use the knowledge base you already have! That's my opinion anyway. They know the test really well, so I trust them!


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Awesome, thanks you for letting me know. Congrats on passing NCLEX thats super exciting! :yeah: I am very nervous about taking NCLEX. Any helpful hints on preparing for it?


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hi, i just recently graduated and took a week long kaplan class, and im not real sure if it works. i did much better on the diagnostic test than the readiness test. i was wondering if anyone that has already taken nclex and did kaplan (or did not) did it help? honestly...

same thing happened to me - my score went down a few points on the "readiness test" after sitting through the whole class!

i do think the questions are challenging, so i hope it helps. i have a saunders and lipincott review book that i use as well, but the questions in those books seem easier to me.


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Thanks! I was so happy to just finally get it all over with and be able to start working.

Yeah, I think there are three primary parts to preparing for the test. The first is to identify what content you are weak in (for example, I knew I didn't remember insulins and most of the neuro and pituitary disorders very well). Only you can say what you do or don't know.

Second, study those areas and make sure you understand the BASIC disease process. The NCLEX people know you're not a specialized nurse with years of experience, they just want to make sure you know your basics such as how the disease is spread (contact, airborne...), what it does to your body, and what the person with the disease is most at risk for (airway compromise, bleeding, whatever).

Third, make sure you understand good strategy for taking the test. For example, on the NCLEX you should assume you have a dr.'s order for any option listed, so it's ok to chose "give morphine" or whatever if that seems like the right option. And, choose assessment options before intervention options since assessment comes first in the nursing process, that kind of thing.

Those are the best tips I've got! Also, trust yourself and don't panic! You've gone through years of school to prepare for this, you're probably pretty well prepared. When do you take it?


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I hated Kaplan, I feel it just mess me up with my whole thinking process with nursing questions. I got a 60 on the readiness test, and they told me I might pass, but they didn't know. Well I did pass my first time and I tried to ignore their advice and do it my way, not that it would have worked on the actual NCLEX anyway it was different than their questions. I am actually sorry that me passing helps their statistics of first time passers. But you will do fine! Let me know how you do.....goodluck


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Welp i took NCLEX saturday and failed!!!!! Im so upset i cant believe it! I got 265 questions and still failed!!:(


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I am so sorry that you failed.......But you said you took Kaplan, make sure you call about your money back guarentee. And please don't give up or let it discourage you too much, NCLEX is hard and the stress of it alone can really throw you off. Again I am so sorry, but never give up, you were strong enough to make it through nursing school, you can make it through this.


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I took Kaplan and passed my first time (!). However I think that for me, the classroom portion was a waste of time (my readiness score was the same as diagnostic), but the qbank and question trainers were what really helped. If I had known, I would have only purchased access to the qbank, and not the class.

I took the Kaplan course. I also scored lower on the readiness versus the diagnostic. Talking with the course instructor she told me before taking the readiness to not be surprised if I was 1-2 points less than the diagnostic...which indeed I was! I took over 800 Qbank questions and Q trainers 5, 6 and 7. I went into the NCLEX calm, told myself to breath and I looked once at what number I was on....48...sheesh..more to go. The computer shut off at 75. I left out of there not really having any idea of how I did. Later that afternoon I tried the "trick" and it wouldn't let me go on. On sunday I paid the money to find out my results....Pass.

Keep doing questions, but only 25 at a time and no more than 150 per day. Read ALL the rationales and those that you missed only then go back and review content. I used Saunders to review mainly.



Elimination- assess vs implentation

physical vs psychosocial


Does it fit the question?

It can be done! good luck to you! You'll do it!


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Yes, kaplan really helped me out. I thought kaplan's questions was harder than the boards. As for pharm it did not help. I used the saunders 4th edition for pharm. I had at least 15 pharm questions on the boards and 10 of those questions was on the boards.


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I took Kaplan, and my score from the diagnostic to the readiness test did not change. I got EXACTLY the same on the two tests. I was a bit upset, and the instructor told us that the readiness test is actually harder than the diagnostic test, so improvement or staying the same was OK. I am not sure how this is an accurate measurement of how we did, but this is what I was told.

This being said, I did already test and I passed with 75 questions. I did think that learning how to pick apart the questions was extremely helpful.

Good Luck on your test!

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