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  1. Has anyone worked on a pediatric floor/floors at UMMS (not counting the nicu)? I'm thinking about applying there soon (I have 1 year experience in adult medicine). Thanks!
  2. 1john4:10

    George Washington Hospital New Grads...?

    I had a telephone interview and it was not hard at all. It was a lady from HR and she asked me what my strengths and weaknesses were. Because I was applying for a medicine floor, she also asked me what I learned/did in my med/surg clinical. That's all I can remember, I don't think she asked anything else. Hope it goes well!
  3. 1john4:10

    tuition benefits at diff hospitals....

    I looked it up and if it's at GWU, then you need to be there 6 months, but if you take classes from another school they say your first day of hire. I found out for non-GWU classes its 3000$ per year, and GWU its 90%. You have to give them one year after you graduate. And as I said before, don't take my word for but check with HR.
  4. 1john4:10

    Any places I'm missing?

    Suburban Hospital in Bethesda Montgomery General in northern Silver Spring Providence Hospital in DC Howard University Hosp in DC I've heard good things about the first two (Suburban is working towards Magnet status), but mixed reviews about the last two. You mentioned adventist, you may not know there's two locations - Shady Grove and Washington Adventist. I hope you find a job soon.
  5. 1john4:10

    tuition benefits at diff hospitals....

    GWU Hospital will cover something like 90% if you go to GWU's nursing school for a graduate degree, and a lesser amount (50-75%?) if you go to a different school. Calling their HR would be your best bet.
  6. 1john4:10

    Childrens Memorial Hospital

    Thanks everyone, I think I'm gonna try in about a year or so.
  7. I am currently working on an adult general medicine floor. This is my first job, but I would love to be a travel nurse, and specifically work on a pediatric floor/hospital. Do hospitals ever accept travelers to pediatrics if they only have adult experience? Or should I first try and get a regular job on a peds floor for a while and then travel?
  8. 1john4:10

    Childrens Memorial Hospital

    I'm not from Illinois, but I am interested in Childrens Memorial Hospital. How hard is it to get a job there (if you have experience)? I have only adult experience. I'd also be interested in hearing anything else about the hospital.
  9. 1john4:10

    Relocating in Summer 2010

    I work at George Washington University Hospital. I work on a general medicine unit, and the ratio is 6:1. However, if we don't have a tech, its 4:1 or 5:1. I have not been happy with my unit...The ratio and the frequently absent techs being some of the primary reasons. We usually have several pts on telemetry, but they're primary diagnosis isn't heart related. With that said, I think the other units are better. We have a Cardiac unit and the ratio is 4:1, maybe sometimes 5:1. As far as the metro goes, the stop is literally right next to the front door, and they also give an extra 80$ for transportation. If you live in Alexandria, your commute will be a breeze. Just from hearing people talk, Washington Hospital Center has lower pt ratios. And they're about 7 minutes from a metro stop. Hope you find a good hospital!
  10. 1john4:10

    Best Pediatric Hospital in Texas?

    I'm from maryland, and am a new nurse working in Washington DC on a general medicine floor. However my dream job is a pediatrics unit/hospital, and I keep hearing great things about Texas. What are some of the top Pediatric Hospitals (or hospitals with a peds unit)?
  11. Where are scrub stores in the DC/MD area? (I've already been to Lynn's/Uniform City and Fentons).
  12. Does anyone know of scrub stores in the DC or MD? I've been to Lynn's and Fentons, but they don't have a lot of choice for what I need (my hospital requires a white top and blue pants).
  13. Hello, No I actually didn't take it. I received an offer from GWUH, and decided not to take WHC because I think I'm allergic to something on that floor...It was really weird, the two times I spent a few hours on 2D, I had this coughing fit, lol. So that actually made it easy to decide between the two hospitals. I don't know anything about 2NE, but usually I only hear good things about WHC from other people. Sorry I can't help!
  14. 1john4:10

    UMB - BSN Current Students Questions

    I just graduated from UMB. Adult Health was a killer class for me. I thought Patho-pharm was hard but this was even harder. I took it at the Shady Grove campus, but I think the tests are the same. The most helpful thing someone told me was to focus on the nursing interventions. Yes you do need to know that signs/symptoms of diseases, but interventions are the most important. Also, do practice questions from Saunders Nclex prep book, especially the ones in the CD that comes with it (the ones in the book are almost too easy). Hope that helps and good luck!
  15. 1john4:10

    Med-Surg Roll Call

    I just graduated from school and am about to start in august on a medical floor for the first time- I'm so scared! My first choice was pediatrics, but I'm beginning to look forward to it.